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The Biden Administration and Iran Nuclear Deal: More Constraints than Possibilities

... impact on the future potential agreement between the US and Iran. New deal, new terms? Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond? It is presumed that many decisions in the administration of J. Biden will be made and implemented by ... ... security. Alexander Kozintsev: Political Transformations in Iran: How to Keep up with the Times The Middle Eastern allies of the USA Major regional players, such as Saudi Arabia or Israel, will be wary of the Biden administration’s first actions regarding the return of the United States to ...


Can Russia, Saudi Arabia Strike New OPEC+ Deal with US Help?

As the OPEC+ deal has expired, Russia and Saudi Arabia remain at odds, though the United States offered encouraging words that production cuts might be negotiated The Russian-Saudi feud over oil production has destabilized the market even as the industry faces anemic demand and the potential ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... victory of the Assad regime and allies. Yet, Russian-Turkish ties will be affected by Russian-Syrian-Iranian intervention near the Turkish border. The threat that this would... ... tense because of Israel’s intransigence concerning the Palestinian issue, East Jerusalem and the expectation that the Israeli government would annex the Jordan Valley... ... the way for the country to have further democracy. Yet, the regional conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran would reflect on Kuwait as the Kuwaiti community is divided between...


The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden

... recent weeks, the world’s attention has been riveted on the situation in the Strait of Hormuz. On May 12, four tankers owned by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were attacked by unknown forces when entering the Strait off the coast of Fujairah. ... ... pass through the Strait of Hormuz daily, not to mention liquefied natural gas from Qatar, the world’s second-largest (after Russia) exporter of natural gas. Multiple predictions were made concerning the possible consequences that blocking the Strait ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... the challenges that are shattering the region. Brussels simply has neither resources, nor desire to do it. RIAC Longread “Russia in the Balkans”: Interests of the Leading Actors, Russia’s Presence in Southeast Europe and Russia’s New Strategy ... ... on the pan-European processes as well as strengthen their positions in the global confrontation. Russia, China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, which are accumulating more and more influence in the region, taken separately, are not so powerful. In any case,...


Donald Trump Will Follow Barack Obama’s Footsteps

... Front in American Boots Leverett’s claim that Obama’s presidency saw a change in the US relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia is questionable. Israel has been and remains the US’ main ally in the region, as is clearly proven by the ... ... trouble in Syria and Libya. And these challenges are far more serious than “Iran’s continued rise” and “Russia’s expanding role” in the Middle East that Leverett chose to draw his readers’ attention to. In reality,...


Crowdfunding with the enemy

With western media continuing to blame Russia and its allies for the escalation of violence in Syria and elsewhere, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told participants ... ... crowdfunding with the enemy. Here'show it works. Reuters and CNN buzzed up a tenuous agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to freeze oil output at current “maximum” production levels( no reduction in production). But this initiative ...


The Middle East between the U.S. and Russia: Potential Traps for Moscow

Adopted in late 2015 as a joint Russian-American initiative, UN Security Council Resolution 2254 was welcomed as a positive sign that the two countries can agree ... ... shortsighted, although frustration with President Obama’s course of action is hardly the primary factor that has pushed Saudi Arabia into confronting Iran. Nevertheless, against the backdrop of a major economic recession, a crisis of governance and ...


The U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East: An Alliance of Competing Powers, Too Risky to Break?

... State Department approved the sale of over 19,000 smart bombs worth USD 1.29 billion Saudi Arabia to replenish its arsenal, which had been depleted by numerous counterterrorist... ... The Saudis’ eagerness can hardly be called an attempt to find balance between Russia and the United States, since Riyadh’s steps are too situational and opportunistic... ... their ground, with the State Department laconically responding “the Saudi refusal is their own business.” However, analysts believe that Riyadh gave up its...


Why Are Oil Prices Falling, And Should Russia Rely on OPEC?

... Russia” in a similar way [2] , and Iran’s former oil minister Masoud Mir Kazemi believes that the USA and Saudi Arabia are also reckoning on damaging Iran. “Am I the only one who thinks this, or is it really an oil war in which the USA and Saudi Arabia are taking action against Russia and Iran?” writes the well-known American political commentator Thomas Friedman. He assumes that Saudi Arabia and the USA intend to “pump Iran and Russia to death”, in other words to “bankrupt them” [3] . “There ...


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