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A ‘Patriotic Heretic’ Favoring Renewal of U.S.-Russian Détente

..., 6 November 2014. . Prashad, Vijay. Washington Bullets . New Dehli: Leftworld, 2020. Roth, Andrew. “Thousands march in Kyiv to oppose Ukraine peace plan,” The Guardian , 14 October 2019. . Rumer, Eugene and Richard ... ... with U.S.” The New York Times , 15 January 2021. . UN. “Security Council approves ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Libya, authorizing ‘All necessary measures’ to protect civilians, by vote of 10 in favour with 5 abstentions,” SC/10200,...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look into 2021

Report 65/2021 Report 65/2021 The report analyses the application of foreign sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and economy sectors. It also considers global trends in the use of sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia within individual areas (the “Ukrainian package,” sanctions against pipeline projects, “cyber sanctions,” etc.). The report is based on Sanctions Event Database compiled by the Russian International Affairs Council. It contains data for 2020 into early 2021....


The Energy Sector, Competition and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... allowed Cairo to break the vicious circle of its dependence on imports and to cover its own demand for gas. Egypt now produces about 311 million cubic meters of gas and 700,000 barrels of oil daily (from the deposits in the Western Desert adjacent to Libya). However, in January 2020, gas production also started on Leviathan, the largest field in the Levant Basin located on Israel’s stretch of the shelf, and this marked the start of deliveries of Leviathan-produced gas to Egypt. Noble Energy, which ...


Playing Pick-Up-Sticks in Libya — 2

... Agreement supported by the UN and the EU envisaged a consolidated Presidency Council that assembled representatives of various political forces and parts of the county, the withdrawal of these three Council members marked the emerging marginalization of Libya's South and East (represented by Musa al-Koni, Fathi al-Majbari and Ali al-Qatrani). It should be noted here that the legitimacy of the GNA itself and the Presidency Council as an all-Libyan body was lost due to the significant changes to the institution. The GNA became “homogenized” ...


The Coronavirus and Conflicts in the Middle East

... whose ambitions are, at this historical juncture, under powerful pressure from both within and without; this test may be even more relevant there than in other parts of the crumbling, yet interconnected world. “Old” internal conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen, new-type protest movements demanding a change of the ruling elites (the “everyone means everyone” slogan) in Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq, balancing on the brink of an armed conflict in the Persian Gulf – this chronic instability constantly ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... regional actors such as Turkey, Iran and Israel. Thus, the Gulf is slated to explode even without war on Iran because the whole region is divided based on each country’s national interests which contradict other states. Regarding the civil war in Libya, security will aggravate in the country, mainly in Tripoli, unless an agreement is reached among militant groups in addition to Turkey, the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, the USA and Russia. The impeachment process of US President Donald Trump and the US role in the MENA region would determine the future of conflicts in many countries starting from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the future government in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria,...


Importance of the Libyan Crisis for Russia After the Arab Spring

... Russia into an important actor with a say in the issues of international immigration, conventional security, and energy policy, all in close proximity to the European continent. Nikolay Kozhanov observes in this regard that "having entered the Libyan conflict, Moscow shows to Europe and the USA that it will not limit itself to Syria and Ukraine and that its 'success' in Syria is not accidental." While Moscow is not interested in a direct confrontation with the West, it may use its relatively successful Libya endeavour to accrue status ...


Middle East: Everyone for Himself

... would vote for Bashar al-Assad if an election were held today regardless of their religious preferences. So the “Assad must go” approach is not realistic, all the more so as there are few alternatives to him. Second, something has to be done about Libya. Developments in Libya are a long way from promoting stabilization in North Africa. Whether siding with Khalifa Haftar or the Tripoli leaders, it is necessary to come to terms either way – I’m hoping this can be done with Russia’s mediation....


Russia Has Been the Voice of Reason – On Iraq, on Libya, and Now on Syria

... opposing sides in a conflict, the world should take note. The precautionary principle should be applied. Had the United States and its allies listened to Russian (and Chinese) advice to take a more conservative approach to regime change in Iraq and Libya, it is likely that much human suffering would have been avoided. It is hard to imagine that events in either country could have turned out worse than they did. Now a sadly familiar story is unfolding in Syria. Since 2011 hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed. Out of a population of 23 million, 3 million have fled the country and 6 million have been internally displaced. Western Europe is inundated with assylum-seekers. The barbaric Islamic State organization has flourished....


Nuclear geopolitics. Shifting sands along Africa’s Uranium Road

... its military presence throughout its remote southern desert regions. Senior government officials speaking to the media described the move as a “sovereign decision.” Niger shares common borders with Algeria and Mali. It sits just below Libya and to the east of Mali. Algeria has been experiencing problems in the refugee camps controlled by the Polisario Front and located in its remote southeastern Tindouf region. Some news reports claim the camps, which contain upwards of 95,000 refugees,...


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