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The Abraham Accord, Iran, and The Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf

... Iran’s influence in the region by introducing Israeli counter influences. Source: Wikipedia Subsequently, as Trump’s era ended and Saudi-Israeli relations with the US loosened, the Abraham Accords sees itself in danger by the revitalization of the JCPOA in Vienna. However, the renegotiations of the JCPOA is also endangered by the start of Ebrahim Raeisi’s term as president. A deal which can once again strengthen Islamic Republic’s legitimacy and influence in the region. The Abraham Accords,...


US Sanctions Against Iran and the Future of the JCPOA: A View From Tehran and Moscow

... from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018, renewing massive economic sanctions against Iran. The subsequent extraterritorial application of US sanctions forced a significant number of foreign companies to leave Iran. Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond? Companies from the EU have suffered the most. Moreover, during the presidency of Donald Trump, the volume of restrictive measures against Iran was increased by Presidential Executive Orders No. 13846, 13871, 13876,...


New US Administration Approach to Syria: How Different Could It Be?

... planes (Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, or В-52). Once finished, the base will let the US easily send several thousands of soldiers or PMC fighters to Syria overnight, handing it an opportunity to rapidly build up its military presence and ... ... profoundly affecting Russian positions in Syria. Similar logic applies to the US policy towards Iran and to the revival of the JCPOA. Washington would very much like to tie the nuclear deal to other issues of concern, such as Iran’s ballistic missile ...


Biden's Sanctions Policy. The First Steps

... returned all previously lifted sanctions against Tehran, but also significantly increased pressure on the financial, metallurgical, energy and a number of other sectors of the Iranian economy. It is likely that Biden will attempt to return America to the JCPOA. This will not be easy. The big question is: what will happen to Trump’s sanctions legacy? Will the sanctions be lifted, suspended or modified? Under what conditions could this be done? For example, will the renewal of the arms embargo become ...


The Fallout of the US-Iran Confrontation for Russia: Revisiting Factors in Moscow’s Calculus

... diplomatic crisis management, but it might not be able to swiftly erode the risk of war. Several factors contributing to the risk of a US-Iran war remain persistent throughout 2021. First, both sides’ violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has complicated the resolution of the nuclear crisis with a face-saving option, raising the chance of failure. Second, while Washington assesses its extended sanction regime as invaluable leverage, Tehran see its nuclear potential and the swift ...


Is Russia Preparing to Get Closer to Iran in the Biden Era?

... Unlike Zarif’s close collaboration with Russia, for example, Moscow hasn’t hastened to get his signature on the revised version of the Russia-Iran 2001 treaty , which includes cooperation principles on a wide variety of fields. Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond? However, critics will seek more progressive contributions to their “resistance” discourse by Russia. As the U.S. and Europe move beyond the JCPOA and address the Islamic Republic’s missile program and regional ...


Three Ways the U.S. Can Adjust Its Foreign Policy in 2021

A new year and new President presents an opportunity for the U.S. to rethink its foreign policy With both a new year and new president, 2021 presents an opportunity for the United States to rethink its foreign policy. The past four years have been some of the most consequential for U.S. foreign policy, with President Donald J. Trump taking a radically different approach. As some predecessors have done, Trump pushed an America-First agenda and foreign policy. This included renegotiating the North...


The Biden Administration and Iran Nuclear Deal: More Constraints than Possibilities

... Tehran could be met with a number of problems, and the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh can have another negative impact on the future potential agreement between the US and Iran. New deal, new terms? Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond? It is presumed that many decisions in the administration of J. Biden will be made and implemented by his advisors and confidants from the Democratic Party. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s future national security advisor,...


USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond?

... cooperation with Iran on the basis of Resolution 2231 A new round of escalation of US sanctions pressure on Iran is taking place in connection with Tehran’s “violation” of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (hereinafter referred to as the JCPOA or “nuclear deal”). It is connected with the expiration of the embargo on the supply of conventional weapons to Iran, provided for by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 (2015). On September 21, 2020, US President Donald Trump signed an executive ...


US Left Isolated, Iran Nuclear Deal Under Threat: What Will Crisis Over Iran in UN Security Council Lead to?

... with Iran. That is, the unilateral US withdrawal from the JCPOA and the resumption of US sanctions had global consequences. In fact, Iran once again found itself in economic isolation, although for its part, it had complied with the provisions of the JCPOA. However, the refusal of the UN Security Council and the President of the Council in August, Permanent Representative of Indonesia D.T. Jani, to support US efforts, is unlikely to end Washington's attack on the JCPOA. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on 27 August,...


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