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Quo Vadis

... the two countries continue to play the most important role in global affairs despite the global profound changes and the complicated domestic processes both in Russia and in the United States. Without agreements between Moscow and Washington, ensuring international security and stability is impossible. Second, the summit gave rise to hopes that an opportunity may emerge for uniting the efforts of the international community with a view to restoring the governability of the international domain should ...


A Tentative Step Back From the Abyss Reflects Sober Assessment of the Danger of Nuclear War

Resounding "No" to Nuclear War Given the harsh words and shrill tone from the Biden team preceding his meeting with Russian President Putin on June 16, it seemed realistic that both sides were lowering expectations in pre-summit pronouncements. In the days before the summit, Biden met with G7 leaders and NATO officials to create an impression of a united front against the "threats" posed by Russia and China. His spokesmen repeatedly painted a picture of an "Alliance of...


Afghanistan Will Test SCO's Capacity

... The US is withdrawing from Afghanistan. Twenty years of the US-led foreign intervention has brought neither prosperity, nor stability, to the country. With hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the seemingly endless military operations and with thousands of Americans killed, the Biden Administration faces a harsh reality: A Western type political system is not likely to take roots in Kabul anytime soon. Washington has lost the war it waged for the last two decades. The main challenge for US President ...


US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

... demand for freedom of speech.” [ 39 ] Subsequent documents were more critical. Resolution of the House of Representatives Nо. 907 of March 24, 2020, denounced the PRC for censoring reports about the virus during the early stages of its spread, its refusal to cooperate with scientists from the Centre for Disease Control to assist its response to COVID-19 for over a month after cooperation was offered, and denial of the person-to-person transmissibility of COVID–19. The resolution also contained ...


Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

... political risks, chose not to put the meeting off any longer. The leaders of the world’s preeminent nuclear powers thus made it clear that they see the gravity of the current situation and have no intentions of shirking the responsibility they bear for international security. Andrey Kortunov: Will Geneva Be Any Different Than Helsinki? The wheels for the summit have been set in motion. While diplomats and senior officials are busy ironing out the details, the sides are working closely on a number of ...


Layered Cake. What to Expect from the Putin-Biden Summit?

... than the Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki in 2018. Unlike his predecessor, the current US president is much less burdened by domestic political restrictions. He is not waging a war with the establishment, he is not linked with an election scandal and accusations of “collusion with Russia”. Possible agreements between the two presidents, albeit modest, have chances for further elaboration. Nevertheless, Russia and the United States are approaching the summit in strategic confrontation mode. The set ...


Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

... Force; former Commander, U.S. European Command, and 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, United States Kathryne Bomberger Director-General, International Commission on Missing Persons, United States Ambassador Richard Burt Chairman, Global Zero USA, United States Evgeny Buzhinskiy Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board; Vice-President of the Russian International Affairs Council; and Lt-General (Ret.), Russia General (Ret.) Vincenzo Camporini Vice President, Istituto Affari Internazionali,...


Assessing the Trend of the Indo-Pacific Strategy

The factors driving the Indo-Pacific strategy forward are clearly stronger than the constraints After the U.S. has put forward its Asia-Pacific strategy in 2017, many commentators believed that the concept was artificial and lacking in political foundation, concluding therefore that it would not take off. However, contrary to this prediction, the development of the Indo-Pacific strategy in recent years shows a trend of strengthening, and this trend is likely to continue in the near future. On the...


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

Interview for the Global Times This year marks the 20 th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between Russia and China. During the recent visit to China by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the two sides agreed to extend the treaty and enrich it with the essence of a new era. What is the essence of the new era? What is the trajectory of China-Russia relations in face of US hegemony? Global Times reporter Wang Wenwen interviewed Ivan Timofeev...


A ‘Patriotic Heretic’ Favoring Renewal of U.S.-Russian Détente

... September 2018. . Pifer, Steven. “Did NATO promise not to enlarge? Gorbachev says ‘no’.” Brookings Institute, 6 November 2014. . Prashad, Vijay. Washington Bullets . New Dehli: Leftworld, 2020. Roth, Andrew. “Thousands march in Kyiv to oppose Ukraine peace plan,” The Guardian , 14 October 2019. . Rumer, Eugene and Richard Sokolsky. “Why the New START extension could be the end of arms control as we know it.” Politico , 7 February 2021....


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