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China’s 100-year Plan in Ukraine

While Xi Jinping may respect the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect its national interests and security in the face of external forces, he has a greater interest in having a bird’s eye view of China’s greatest costs of war During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States competed for global supremacy numerous times by waging proxy wars around the world; Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Angola being the most notable. Today, Russia has been relegated to a secondary power position with...


Special Warheads and the Special Military Operation

... nuclear-related rhetoric. It certainly does not mean curtailing freedom of speech as such, but it appears possible to prohibit officials, including legislators, from making public statements concerning permissibility of nuclear strikes or from putting forward accusations of nuclear terrorism. Third, with an NPT Review Conference coming up, it would appear very useful to re-launch the activities of the P5, if not in a full-fledged cooperation mode, then at least in coordinating the parties’ stances. Mutual accusations ...


A Little Britain’s Reach Out To The Big Indo-Pacific

The West’s anti-China rhetoric and the idea of mounting NATO presence in the Indo-Pacific meet with a critical reception from most Asian states As the ideological schism in today’s world deepens, the leaders of the liberal camp are ramping up their activities in the regions they have not paid much attention to before. The main purpose of the military, diplomatic, and economic efforts of the Global West is to expand the sphere of influence, preventing their “non-democratic and revisionist” vis-à-vis...


JCPOA 1.01: Now or Never

... limited military operation is almost impossible to imagine: To effectively curtail nuclear developments in Iran, the U.S. and their allies would have to conduct a full-scale campaign involving the use of aircraft and missile strikes. Ivan Timofeev: USA-Iran: Why Is the Deal Stalled? In this scenario, the conflict is unlikely to stay solely within Iran’s borders, but will almost inevitable spill over to the entirety of the Middle East with largely unpredictable consequences. Such a war would not ...


Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Second International Expert Forum

... crises, preventing nuclear war and ensuring strategic stability in the world. Other multilateral mechanisms at the regional and global level that could be used in crisis management were also touched upon. Leading international researchers from China, the USA, and Russia took part in the round table. Russian side was represented at the event by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General.


We are closer to a nuclear war

... wants to resurrect the Soviet Union – this is not possible or desirable. But he apparently believes that a hostile and West-oriented Ukraine presents a formidable existential threat to Russia’s security and even to Russia’s mere existence. This crusade seems to be very personal, though Putin is not the only one in Russia, who has such views. 60 years ago, Cuban leftist leader Castro asked the Soviet Union to provide military assistance. Ukraine's pro-west president has called on the U.S. and the ...


Why Did U.S. Prioritize Containing Russia Over China?

The U.S. felt that it needed to reshape European perceptions to revive the “Russian threat”, galvanizing the West under its hegemonic influence Experts are scrambling to explain why the U.S. prioritized containing Russia over China despite most prior indicators very strongly suggesting that it would prioritize the second scenario. U.S. President Joe Biden largely continued his predecessor Donald Trump’s muscular approach towards the People’s Republic up until around last fall, when the latest tensions...


Russian Security Cannot be Anti-Russian

... now considered by historians as one of the most dangerous international situations ever, the leadership of the USSR and the USA were motivated not so much by the formal norms of international law as by a sober consideration of the consequences of a nuclear ... ... Such brazen disregard for what Russia sees as an obvious diplomatic and military “double standard” causes great harm to international security, as it pushes Russia into a situation where it feels it has no choice but consider more radical initiatives,...


A Military Response to Russians’ Infernal Question

... starting point for negotiations on the serious issues—the United States has demonstrated will to do so, at least with regard to strike weapons, military exercises near Russia’s borders—Russia will nevertheless be unable to neglect the flat-out refusal it encountered on the issues that were declared vital to its interests. In the event that Russia receives no sufficient diplomatic guarantees enshrined in legally-binding documents, Moscow—as we can glean from statements made by some of Russia’s ...


Diplomacy vs Brinkmanship

... without the New Start, without the Geneva summit and without the P5 Declaration on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races. At present, we are in a situation when tentative diplomatic steps forward are coupled with a show of force and absurd accusations. It seems that Washington and some of its allies have decided to combine the US and NATO written responses to the Russian initiative on security guarantees with another round of harsh rhetoric and provocative military actions. The flow of military ...


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