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Key change on the back of China’s initiatives is the emergence of a credible alternative

... case it is more inclusive, open and balanced with respect to the interests of developed and developing economies. GT: Southeast Asia has become an important venue for multilateral cooperation this year, a year that you have called "the Year of ASEAN centrality." Can you elaborate on what role ASEAN has played in the G20 and the world? Lissovolik: ASEAN is at the heart of a region of the global economy that is demonstrating some of the highest growth rates in the world. The share of ASEAN ...


How Russia Must Reinvent Itself to Defeat the West’s ‘Hybrid War’

... the context of rebuilding foreign economic relations and creating a new model of the global order, the most important directions are cooperation with world powers – China and India as well as Brazil – and with leading regional players – Turkey, ASEAN countries, the Gulf states, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Israel, South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina, Mexico and others. It is in these areas, rather than in traditional Euro-Atlantic arenas, that the main resources of diplomacy, foreign economic relations,...


The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity: America’s Answer to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership?

... additional contracts . This is precisely what happened with China’s trade agreement with Hong Kong, which covered a limited number of service industry sectors and investment in 2004, as well as with Beijing’s agreement with Macau. The agreement with ASEAN evolved in a similar manner. Importantly, China has stayed true to this integration course for two decades. The RCEP may very well evolve in the same way. While it is true that there are no fundamentally new agreements within this partnership in ...


Taking (Another) Turn to the East: Making Sense of Russia’s Stance in the Asia-Pacific

... military one. In the ongoing developments, China, on its part, has been struggling to balance on a fine line between avoiding accusations of directly helping Russia and sticking to its commitment that a strategic partnership presupposes. On the conceptual ... ... such areas is the interest in relatively inexpensive opportunities to train specialists and engineers in Russia. The idea of ASEAN centrality could also facilitate the acceptance of Russia in the Southeast Asian subregion, which forms the core of the ...


Revisiting the R5 Paradigm

... Initiative (BRI). Another crucial driver for the R5+ initiative is the significant progression of regional integration initiatives across the Global South. In particular there is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) led by China and the ASEAN economies. In Africa the key integration initiative is the African Continental Free Trade Area launched in 2018. Another important development is the rising coordination among the regional integration blocks and the signing of the respective memoranda ...


Russia-India: From Rethink to Adjust to Upgrade

... needs to proactively facilitate efforts at better understanding between New Delhi and Beijing, and promote positive interaction among the three great powers. Such interaction is also needed for engagement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a key aspect of the Greater Eurasian Partnership. It is even more necessary for building up the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a continent-wide dialogue platform. Moreover, close relations with New Delhi would help Moscow in engaging ...


The Indo-Pacific Conundrum: Why U.S. Plans Are Destined to Fail

... seas, unimpeded commerce and advancing human rights. Although the U.S. Vice President noted that China continues to coerce and intimidate, Washington’s engagement in Southeast Asia, she argued, is not against any country, nor is it designed to make ASEAN member states choose between countries. At the same time, almost all Indo-Pacific states, either known as the so-called Quad—the United States, Japan, India and Australia—or those willing to join the initiative on a less binding basis, have ...


Indian Elections 2019: Towards New Economic and Political Goals

... manufacturing GDP for exports. Besides the civilizational contacts, the process of fostering comprehensively intimating ties with the ASEAN comity of nations, as with other economic titans in East Asia, has been a signature initiative of the Modi government during ... ... sovereignty contravening China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) component within the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Chinese refusal to allow Indian candidature of NSG membership decoupled from that of Pakistan, that is viewed and regarded as deeply and ...


How Does Canberra Implement Its Role as a Regional Power with Global Interests

... and Australian approaches in this field? In terms of geographical focus, the Australian conception ranges from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It includes a particular focus on India, North Asia and the United States, with Southeast Asia and ASEAN at its heart. In terms of policy, our central focus is to promote an open, inclusive and prosperous Indo–Pacific, in which the rights of all states are respected. To that end, we are enhancing cooperation with major democracies in the region — ...


Singapore–China: Ambiguous Relations

... established official diplomatic relations with China only in 1990. The cause for the delay (which no one ever saw a reason to hide) was Singapore’s desire to avoid being labelled as “yet another Chinese state” or “Beijing’s representative in ASEAN.” Singapore waited for other members of the alliance to normalize their relations with China (Indonesia was the last to do so in 1990), and only then exchanged ambassadors with China. China–Singapore relations began to develop rapidly. Nevertheless,...


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