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Heads Up: Indonesia to Boost ASEAN Space Agenda?

If the momentum continues, Indonesia will likely amplify the country’s ongoing space-related endeavors with a view to enhance its political and economic position in the region As follows from the ASEAN alphabetical order of chairmanship, year 2023 is to be marked with Indonesia taking over the reins. Although it is a bit premature to bet on which priorities will be put in the spotlight, a certain guess can already be made now—which is that the ...


Another Look at the Prospects of a Eurasian Digital Platform

... financing arrangements (RFAs) of the countries of Eurasia. The platform for regional integration arrangements would work towards advancing greater inter-operability into the digital platforms of Eurasia’s regional groupings such as the EU, the EAEU, ASEAN, RCEP, EFTA, BIMSTEC, SAFTA, GCC. The platform for regional development banks and funds such as EDB, EIB, ADB, EBRD, SDF, CAF would focus on building project portfolios in the area of digital cooperation/digital connectivity/digital inclusiveness ...


The Complex World Order

... The fall of Kabul. The large CPTPP trading area created even after the USA quit. Immense, perhaps soon superior, technological capabilities outside the Western world. The establishment of the world’s biggest trading area, the RCEP, with China and ASEAN without either Europe or North America. Iran and Afghanistan moving towards China and towards the SCO. Rising calls in the EU for Strategic Autonomy from the U.S. It is now clear that the world is not simple. Modern International Relations Theory ...


Singapore Should Play Significant Role in Russia’s Indo-Pacific Policy

... neutral, partner in any such policy in order to maintain the highest degree of balance between them. Singapore is the perfect country to play such a role. The wealthy city-state is located at the center of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and astride the ultra-strategic Strait of Malacca. The late Lee Kuan Yew’s visionary leadership is responsible for its success in becoming an innovative and technologically driven economy that preserved its sovereignty throughout the decades ...


The Indo-Pacific Conundrum: Why U.S. Plans Are Destined to Fail

... seas, unimpeded commerce and advancing human rights. Although the U.S. Vice President noted that China continues to coerce and intimidate, Washington’s engagement in Southeast Asia, she argued, is not against any country, nor is it designed to make ASEAN member states choose between countries. At the same time, almost all Indo-Pacific states, either known as the so-called Quad—the United States, Japan, India and Australia—or those willing to join the initiative on a less binding basis, have ...


Security and Development in Northeast Asia: New Approaches Needed

... out. The NEA countries should probably scrutinize the experience of Southeast Asia, where the subsisting socioeconomic and political plurality, grave inter-country contradictions and conflicts did not hamper successful integration under the banners of ASEAN. As a matter of fact, a certain degree of fragmentation and disunity are present in the very dynamic and extensive Russia–China cooperation in the NEA. So far, our interactions have often fanned out into a set of highly important yet independent ...


Online round table “65 years of the Russia — Cambodia Diplomatic Relations”

... experts of the field. Dmitry Mosyakov, Head of the Center for the Study of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, RAS Institute of Oriental Studies; Vannarith Chheang, President of the Asian Vision Institute; Ekaterina Koldunova, Acting Director of the ASEAN Centre and Assistant Professor of the Department of Asian and African Studies, MGIMO University; Phea Kin, Director General of the International Relations Institute, Royal Academy of Cambodia; Evgeny Kanaev, Head of the Asia Pacific Department at ...


Disagreements between States Should Be Resolved in a Peaceful, Civilized Manner Based on International Law

... of our countries. A unifying agenda is being promoted by the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to develop Greater Eurasian Partnership. Participation in it is open to all states of the continent, including the members of the EAEU, SCO, ASEAN, as well as, in case there is such interest, the European Union. Systematic implementation of the initiative will not only strengthen positive connectivity and improve the competitiveness of all participants but will also be a solid foundation in ...


Russia Winks at Myanmar Amid Chaos

... stately way. The Tatmadaw’s chief, Min Aung Hlaing, delivered a public speech. Officials from several neighboring countries attended the event as a sign of respect. Aleksandr Fomin, Russia’s deputy Defense Minister, was spotted too. Gleb Doroshenko: ASEAN in the Emerging Indo-Pacific Experienced observers may have noticed that this was not the first high-level visit by Russia’s Defence Ministry. Back in 2013, Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Minister of Defence, visited Myanmar on the occasion of the ...


Webinar “65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Russia and the Kingdom of Cambodia”

... Russia — Cambodia coordination in the international arena becomes increasingly relevant. Cooperation in multilateral formats could also contribute to the advancement of both countries’ agendas, given the priority Moscow attaches to its relations with ASEAN and the interest Phnom Penh has in developing contacts with the EAEU. These and other issues will be discussed on April, 9, at the webinar by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), featuring H.E. Anatoly Borovik, Ambassador Extraordinary ...


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