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Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... very likely that the Istanbul blast will have serious implications not only for the domestic political situation, but also for Turkey’s neighboring states. In particular, such sentiment was expressed by Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Syria for ... ... conference following the 19 th round of the Astana talks on Syria. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its affiliates: Between terrorism and the fight against terrorism However, the PKK leadership denies its involvement in the attack: "We have nothing ...


Syrian Surprises

The Mutating Inter-Relations among the Key Actors in the Syrian Conflict: Russia, the United States, Turkey, Iran and Israel The Syrian crisis continues to bring new surprises. Analysts are becoming increasingly concerned with the “mutating” configuration of relations among the global and regional actors, driven primarily by the developments in ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... Israeli-Palestinian conflict stifles Israel’s left and drives its people further to the right. The assault on democratic norms in Turkey by its government is far worse. Still worse in that region, the Arab Spring has, in general, become a massive tragedy. ... ... governments whose missions are resisting pressures of EU policy, as racial, ethnic, and religious tension, fears of Islamic terrorism, nativism, and demagogues become ever more commonplace, it is terrifying to envision its future, too. An autocratic ...


Ankara Bombing: Turkey’s Failed Syrian Approach Backfires

... on PKK’s military camps in Northern Iraq, acknowledging the de facto responsibility of the Kurdish rebels in the suicide bombing. The TAK has been reportedly created by the PKK a decade ago, and has been tasked to carry out attacks in Western Turkey, outside of PKK’s usual area of operation. While the PKK generally targets Turkish military objectives in which civilian casualties are supposedly low, the TAK on the contrary attacks civilian places and objectives in order to get the maximum ...


Russia Reaping What It Sows in Syria: Putin Puts Russia on Path to Peril & Destabilizing Middle East; Downing Russian Plane by Turkey Latest Result

... to harm Russia’s interests more than those gains would help them: Russia is particularly vulnerable to Sunni extremist terrorism for a number of clear reasons and its moves in Syria, as I have written before, are only going to expose Russia to further ... ... this incredibly destructive and lethal war. On the cynical side, there is the ability for confrontation with the West and Turkey in Syria to help Putin sell his narrative to his own people and the extremist gullible conspiracy-theorists who are intense ...


Love-Hate Relationship: the Cooling of Russia–Turkey Relations

... reaction, which should be understood as an interpretation of Russia’s presence in Syria and the plans to strengthen it further in the region. In this context one must take into account that any state aims to protect its own national interests, and Turkey is no exception here. The act of terrorism perpetrated, according to preliminary information, by members of the IS group on 11 October 2015 in Ankara is the biggest in the history of modern Turkey in terms of the number of casualties. As a rule, events of such magnitude unite the leaders ...


Suruc Terrorist Attack in the Context of the Political Struggle in Turkey

... explosion occurred when the protesters — around 300 people — gathered for a news conference in the Amara Culture Centre to explain to the media the idea behind the campaign to restore the city. The terrorist attack quite literally shook Turkey to its core. Demonstrations were held all over the country, with the people demanding that those responsible be brought to justice and accusations flying that the government had gone too far in its toying with ISIS militants. In Istanbul, a large-scale ...


In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships

... targeting specific groups, avoiding picking an overall-rebels-or-regime side. Don’t expect heavy U.S. involvement, private sector engagement, or investment in specific countries until they settle down. 3.) Things may go downhill with Israel and Turkey. I know what you’re thinking: Turkey is in NATO! And Israel, well, is Israel! Well, with Turkey, President Erdoğan is pulling a bit of a Putin: manipulating the system to ensure he will be in power for a very, very long time and pushing ...


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