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Divided World

Contemporary geopolitics is fueling terrorism’s further rise Another anniversary of the tragic events in New York and Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001, leads to less than inspiring reflections on the outlook for international co-operation in the war on terrorism. It seemed to many ...


The Libyan Crisis: A Hotbed for Regional Instability

... recession further exacerbate these problems. An additional factor that negatively impacts the situation in Libya is the conflict in Sudan, which broke out in April 2023. In the near future, Libya will continue to be hotbed for instability in North Africa. Terrorism proves to be one of the most consequential problems of such instability. Libya currently has no unified army or security forces, which cultivates the most appealing atmosphere for new terrorist activities. The occasional confrontations between ...


Islamic State in Africa: Affiliates and Competition

... terrorist attacks against civilians and security forces. The year 2023 has brought in new challenges due to the uncertainty of some local governments about Russian support in the wake of the “Wagner case” amid a lack of apparent successes in counterterrorism. Any reduction in the presence of external forces in the regions of IS activity in Africa could lead to new zones where terrorists hold territorial control, which, in turn, will serve as a “showcase” for the success of the IS project, giving ...


The Middle East: Impact of Afghanistan and Ukraine Crises on Key Regional Trends

Report No. 85 / 2023 Report No. 85 / 2023 The Taliban’s (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) rise to power in Afghanistan in August 2021 and the conflict in Ukraine have both had an impact on regional trends in the Middle East. This report sheds light on the transformation of new elements in Middle Eastern state relations and examines the changing role of key players in the region. It analyses the impact that the events in Afghanistan and Ukraine have had on the...


Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... only in northeastern Syria, on the territory of Syria itself, but in the Middle East as a whole," he said during a press conference following the 19 th round of the Astana talks on Syria. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its affiliates: Between terrorism and the fight against terrorism However, the PKK leadership denies its involvement in the attack: "We have nothing to do with this incident and it is well-known by the public that we would not target civilians directly or approve of actions ...


A Virus Yet to Be Eradicated

... a high-pitched cacophony of fire-truck and police sirens, crowds of disoriented people having no idea where to run and what the next moment might bring. Andrey Kortunov: How the US Miscalculated the War on Terror In the wake of 9/11, international terrorism has predictably become a thing to bandy about. Like many of my colleagues, I was attending numerous conferences and seminars as well as partaking in various research projects on the subject. Besides, a stroke of fate gave me a rare opportunity ...


EER Expert Discussion on Consequences of Russia-Ukraine Conflict for Geopolitical Situation

... Radicalization (EER), an international multimedia platform, held an online expert discussion on the consequences of Russia-Ukraine conflict for the geopolitical situation in various regions of the world and for the prospects of countering international terrorism and political radicalism On May 27, 2022, European Eye on Radicalization (EER), an international multimedia platform, held an online expert discussion on the consequences of Russia-Ukraine conflict for the geopolitical situation in various ...


Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier

... the CNA Military Advisory Board, the first group of U.S. generals and admirals to address national security implications of climate change. And the reason we characterize it as a threat multiplier is that it exacerbates other security threats, such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, geopolitical risks. We know that a warming planet, rising sea levels, thawing permafrost all lead to a greater planetary instability, which adds to other instabilities we now experience around the world. Do environmental ...


Russia’s War on Terror(ism)

... other international actors to fill the void left by the United States and map out a strategy for Central Asian stability. In the words of President Vladimir Putin of Russia , the US withdrawal has opened “a Pandora’s box full of problems related to terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime and, unfortunately, religious extremism”. What if Afghanistan turns out to be a hotbed for international terrorism? Andrey Kazantsev: Prospects and Scenarios for Afghanistan: Russian and Chinese Interests ...


How the US Miscalculated the War on Terror

... completely eliminated. It is not. But at least Americans could feel safer compared to less lucky residents of Europe, not to mention the Middle East, North Africa or South Asia. On the other hand, US military engagements overseas aimed at containing terrorism fell short of initial expectations. The most recent fiasco in Afghanistan is a graphic illustration of a long-term track record that includes Iraq, Libya, Liberia, Pakistan, Yemen and Syria. Though president Barack Obama stated back in May of ...


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