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The Syrian Crisis: A Thorny Path from War to Peace

... ‘legitimate’ and ‘illegitimate’ governments, numerous militias, terrorist groups, and foreign military contingents, which constitute the covert and overt tools of a new kind of geopolitical rivalry. As a result, the region remains a source of violence and terrorism, dramatic national upheavals, humanitarian catastrophes on a global scale, and waves of migration. The price of revolutions, the resultant devastation and foreign interference proved too high and relapses cannot be ruled out. Source: Valdai ...


On the Trail of the Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka: How, Why and Who Organized the Attacks?

Interview with a retired FBI Special Agent Bobby Chacon Bobby Chacon is a retired FBI Special Agent and an expert in criminal and counter-terrorism investigations. He joined the FBI in 1987. His first assignment was in the New York City Field Office where he worked with the Italian mafia and Asian criminal gangs and became an international expert in Jamaican Posses. Mr. Chacon was selected ...


BRICS, SCO and Kashmir Terrorism

... over 40 people. India immediately accused Pakistan of being behind the attack and started a “diplomatic offensive” against Islamabad similar to the one of it launched in September 2016 when it attempted to isolate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism, make it a rogue state and thus force the country’s leadership to abandon its support of Kashmir militants. This offensive is being waged on all fronts, including at international organizations, for example, BRICS, whose final declarations ...


UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To, Not Past Each Other

... three of the most fruitful areas from the first round, and this third iteration used those previous discussions as a basis for four workshops on the most pressing security issues: the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty; organised crime and terrorism; the Middle East; and cyber security. Certainly, the four roundtables that RUSI and RIAC hosted on these sensitive but salient security issues brought out some contentious views, but also revealed plenty of scope for practical agreement. The ...


Terrorism as a Weather Phenomenon

..., they will build a proper memorial and mark the location of the tragedy in all tourist guidebooks. Local guides will accompany tourist excursions, and the massacre eyewitnesses will share memories of what happened on March 15, 2019. The very act of terrorism will inevitably be obscured by new events, new tragedies and catastrophes. I will allow myself a bit of cynicism: what happened in New Zealand last Friday lacks the sort of intrigue that would otherwise promise the continuation of the drama....


The Impact of Words: Christchurch Shooting

... some critically. Major mainstream and social media are being asked to remove Tarrant’s deeply evil video footage, but much of it had already got out online as was his intention. The mosques were unguarded, New Zealand having hitherto been entirely terrorism-free. Tarrant and four other unnamed persons involved, three men and a woman, who are believed at this stage to be New Zealanders, are under arrest. Tarrant’s trial is listed for April. A shaken NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern vowed immediate ...


Middle East: Everyone for Himself

Chairman of the PIR Center Council Lt-Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky (Ret.) speaks on the prospects for a collective security system in the Middle East, regional divergences and the influence of external forces in an interview with on the sidelines of the Valdai Club’s Middle East Conference. Chairman of the PIR Center Council Lt-Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky (Ret.) speaks on the prospects for a collective security system in the Middle East, regional divergences and the influence of external...


ISS vs Al-Shabaab: Inter-jihadi Conflict in Somalia

... Islamic State in Somalia (ISS) developing? How do they recruit supporters and why does Al-Shabaab gain more support from the local population? Tatyana Kanunnikova discusses these and other issues with Richard Barrett CMG OBE, a recognized expert on terrorism and extremism, a former British diplomat and intelligence officer. In 2004-2013, Mr. Barrett headed the Al-Qaida and Taliban Monitoring Team at the United Nations. At present, he serves as Director of The Global Strategy Network and sits on ...


The European Decalogue and the Middle Eastern Duodecim

... order to prevent the movement of terrorist groups and block the financial support that they receive. They should also pledge to coordinate anti-terrorist operations, share intelligence and prevent the emergence, re-emergence and spread of international terrorism. Sceptic’s remark. This principle will inevitably run into the problem of differing definitions: those organizations perceived as terrorist groups by some are considered to be part of national liberation movements by others. This applies ...


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