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Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

Pragmatic partnership between the two states is characterized by de-ideologization and independence from the global conjuncture and previous trends Transformational processes in the Arab world in the beginning of the 2010s led Russia and Turkey to an understanding of the need to form new foreign policy approaches towards the Middle East. This article seeks to identify the impact of the approaches Russia and Turkey have taken on this issue on relations between Moscow and Ankara. This topic ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... political and economic sanctions placed on Moscow for its annexation of Crimea and its political military interference in eastern Ukraine. In the struggle against violent extremism, the U.S., Europeans and Russia generally agree on the need to control the Islamic State. However, there has been a significant lack of coordination that has been further antagonizing relations. First, NATO-member Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft in November 2015 — an action that tested the NATO-Russia relationship, even if Turkey and Russia eventually came to terms in the aftermath. Then, in early April 2017, the U.S. fired 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase on grounds that ...


Russia’s Syria Campaign: Measuring Costs and Benefits

A year ago Russia announced the beginning of its military campaign in Syria which has become the ... ... downed over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, 2015 killing all 224 passengers and crew. Islamic State took responsibility for the attack. Many view it as a consequence of the... ... from the Russian borders, however, it is relatively easy for terrorists to go through Turkey into the Caucasus and further to Russia, directly projecting the terrorist threat...


Post Mortem by the Turkish Side: Relations between Moscow and Ankara Worsen

... key issues any nearer. It has to be noted that Germany, which was once the number one enemy of the Soviet Union, is now one of Russia’s priority partners, and economic and political relations are developing in spite of past conflicts. Clearly, the only party that stands to gain from conflicts between the sides is Islamic State. In this context, it is worth recalling that when Ukraine imposed a food blockade of Crimea in October 2015, Turkey promptly sent ships with food for the people of the peninsula. Moreover, Turkey is the only NATO country which, in spite ...


Love-Hate Relationship: the Cooling of RussiaTurkey Relations

The intensification of the conflict in the Middle East, the operation by Russian Aerospace Defence Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic and the diametrically opposed positions of state leaders in relation ... ... and a trial for the modern system of international relations, and for the future of regional projects and bilateral relations. Turkey, like Russia, has vitally important strategic interests in the Middle East, and any action by Ankara’s partners provokes ...


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