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Can international cooperation mediate extremism?

International coordination, for example, played a useful role enhancing intelligence and security at the olympics in Sochi and London. In Russia and Great Britain, awareness of extremist threats is embedded among the society because people in both nations know what it feels like to have their homeland attacked by terrorists. Brazil, which hosts the Rio Olympics in July, has never experienced a terrorist attack. Now, amidtst the worst political and economic crisis in its history Brazil has...


Extremism's Olympic moment

As Brazil’s political and economic crisis deepens a senior intelligence official has revealed that the nation is being targeted by Islamic State (IS). From a security perspective the games take on a nationwide threat profile because the football tournament that is part of the Rio games will be played in major cities throughout Brazil, giving the event a FIFA World Cup feeling. The venues include Manaus in Amazonia State, Salvador in Bahia State, Fortaleza in the northeastern state of Ceara...


Sports Diplomacy. Can Sepp Blatter bring unity to a fractious FIFA?

After being told by Henry Kissinger that it was time to “modernize” FIFA president Sepp Blatter has turned football into a money machine that is expanding in Africa the Middle East and Asia, and maintaining a profitable scenario for marketing partners in a troubled global economy. Reflecting on how football has become a global force during his long tenure as FIFA president, Blatter tweeted on March 23rd that... “FIFA, with the positive emotions that football unleashes, is more...


Sports and Politcs: Brazil's football Santa Plays Christmas Scrooge

Santa and his reindeer came from the North Pole and played Scrooge for futebol, the nation's most popular spectator sport. Poor attendance, lackluster play and massive debts find even the most famous clubs tightening their belts. Players are griping because teams delay paychecks. Managers balk at signing for less money. Third party syndicates continue to own shares of players like slices of churrasco, dribbling around FIFA rules. Government subsidized football hasn't improved...


American sports diplomacy hit by drug investigation

With the American football season opening soon the National Football League (NFL), a source for sports diplomats and famous for the violent “hitting” that fans love, is taking a hard hit. The NFL has sent sports ambassadors to war zones for decades to serve as role models to boost the morale of U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia. Now the NFL is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for allegedly promoting the use of addictive narcotic class...


Pre-Sports Diplomacy. Hockey broke the ice in the Cold War

Before the FIFA World Cup was given “sports diplomacy” status by pundits, academics and some among its own leadership, the ice hockey rivalry between the Soviet Union, the United States and Canada that developed during the 1960 Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley, California proved ...


Yes we can. Brazil confident about World Cup security

It was calm along the Esplanade on the afternoon of Friday, May 23rd. Most demonstrators who protest in front of the futuristic buildings along Brasilia’s divided highway of government were gone for the weekend. After former president Jose Inacio Lula da Silva (known as “Lula”) made headlines by saying that anybody who uses the Metro (in Rio and Sao Paulo) to travel to FIFA World Cup games is an “idiot” (babaça) it was the perfect time for president Dilma Rousseff’s...


FIFA, sports diplomacy and the Bout connection

... followed by FIFA selecting former U.S. attorney general Garcia to replace former FBI director Freeh the following year, 2012. Meanwhile the organization’s reputation continues to be synonymous with corruption. That’s a tough challenge for sports diplomacy and sports marketers to overcome. The tectonic plates of geopolitics The impact of the FIFA private investigation. The future of Edward Snowden and Victor Bout. Conflict resolution in Syria and Ukraine. All of these events will intersect ...


FIFA, Iran And The Future Of Sports Diplomacy

... Football Confederation president Salman bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, who also met with president Rouhani, supported Blatter’s decision to choose Iran. Is Sepp Blatter’s Campaign For A Fifth Term As FIFA President Sports Marketing Or Sports Diplomacy? Voting to select the next FIFA president takes place in 2015 and if he wins Blatter’s leadership of the organization, which has more members than the United Nations, would run until 2019. Russia will host the FIFA World Cup in ...


Sports Diplomacy And Social Media Clash In Brazil

In the minds of many the sports diplomacy and sports marketing that support competitive athletic tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games deserve a Nobel peace prize. But recent events in Brazil indicate that the model could use a “reset” to remain ...


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