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This Distant Damascus

... infrastructure has not yet been restored, and the sanctions imposed on Damascus by the United States and the EU in particular are hampering economic recovery. Until 2022, a number of Russian companies were reasonably worried about doing business in Syria because of the risk of Western sanctions. However, now that many of the concerned organizations have fallen under the same sanctions themselves, the importance of this factor has diminished and Russia can expand its presence in Syria. This would allow Syria, a key ally of Russia in ...


Syria: Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster

... between Syria and Turkey, which was the lowest figure since 2014 . The UN explained it by citing uncertainty regarding the renewal of Resolution 2585 in July 2022. Deliveries of humanitarian aid across the line of contact Ruslan Mamedov: U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria One of the conditions for extending the operation of the Bab al-Hawa checkpoint was to increase the supply of humanitarian aid to the north-western regions of Syria through the line of contact (that is, from the territory controlled by Damascus)....


Does Syria’s Road Back to the Arab Family Go Through the UAE?

... al-khaliji ” (“opening [of Syria] by the Gulf countries”). However, according to local experts, after the adoption of the U.S. Caesar Act in June 2020, the Emirati authorities started recommending (rather than forcing ) compliance with the anti-Syria sanctions to all national companies. Remaining Syria’s pivotal trade partner, the UAE’s leadership quickly switched its main efforts from an economic “ infitah ” to the Covid diplomacy and humanitarian assistance. Such shift only proved the vulnerable ...


U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria

... “terrorism” was directed from Damascus, one of terror sponsors. With this SALSRA Act and subsequent Executive Orders (like Executive Order 13338 of May 11, 2004 – Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria), the sanctions evolved from a list-based to a sector-based approach. On May 11, 2004, high-ranking Syrian generals, including Rustom Ghazali, Ghazi Kanaan, and even Assef Shawkat, were sanctioned under Decree 13338. The sanctions also applied to entire organizations ...


Russia’s Approach to Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Syria

... in control of Idlib. It has usurped authority, manipulating humanitarian aid that flows into the province. Russia blames the co-sponsors of res. 2585 for accepting the status quo in northwestern Syria. 4. The U.S. and the EU have imposed unilateral sanctions on Syria, which significantly hinders humanitarian aid deliveries, early recovery and post-conflict reconstruction. 5. The U.S. illegal military presence in northeastern Syria and the U.S. General License 22 (issued on May 12, 2022) exempting northeastern ...


Syria: Rules-Based International Order Creates Humanitarian Rule, Not Law?

... we are going to continue our cooperation on Syria. ” This logic, in which Russia should allow cross-border operations, and in return rely on potential cooperation on Syria sometime in the future, is seriously flawed, especially in the context of US sanctions against Syria, which have seriously undermined the overall humanitarian situation in the country. The Caesar Act, passed by the US Congress in 2020, has been the most serious legislation introducing sanctions against Syria; among other things, it limits the interaction ...


Elections in Syria: Forgetting Old Resentments?

... under the name “Caesar Act” are “secondary” in nature, which means that any third country doing business with the Syrian government is included in the US sanctions list. Companies from the UAE have already faced this problem, and potentially sanctions deprive Syria of any major projects with the Gulf States in the future. This issue is unsolvable at the regional level. Much depends on how the Americans are committed to the implementation of the sanctions regime. Andrey Kortunov, Julien Barnes-Dacey: First ...


“Humanitarian Sanctions” Are Killing Syrians, While New Sanctions Threaten to Crash the Russian Economy: They Must Be Overturned

... advocates, in and out of government. “This must stop and the Caesar Sanctions must be lifted. And all the members of the U.S. Congress who do not lift these sanctions make themselves complicit in every death that occurs in the region.” U.S. and European Sanctions on Syria. The Carter Center Report Zepp-LaRouche continued: “This has reached the point where either the world wakes up and we start to remedy this, or we will not survive, because of our own moral failure as a human species. I call on you: Work with the ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look into 2021

Report 65/2021 Report 65/2021 The report analyses the application of foreign sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and economy sectors. It also considers global trends in the use of sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia within individual areas (the “Ukrainian package,” sanctions against pipeline projects,...


Pandemic Amid an Economic Crisis: Challenges for Syria

... in the world ranking (see the table compiled by the author based on data for 18 and 23 October 2020, taken from ): COVID-19 in Syria and Neighbouring Countries The good indicators are partly explained by the fact that wartime Syria under sanctions has been a closed country compared to the more open Israel, Lebanon and Turkey, this reducing the objective risk of infection. Even after Damascus International Airport (which had not functioned since March) was opened on October 1, 2020, the ...


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