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The Birth of the “Caspian Three”?

... their interest in continuing with this format). Lifting the Iranian sanctions gave Russia an opportunity to promote the inclusion of Iran in the integration associations within the Eurasian space. First, the Kremlin spoke in favor of Iran joining the SCO ; currently, Mr. Putin proposed creating a Free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran. A more vigorous international economic activity became one of the principal slogans in the Russian-Azerbaijani talks, since the trade turnover ...


Disappointment in Tashkent: Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

... proved to not be nearly as successful for another regional player. Despite its return to the global stage following the removal of UN sanctions, Iran’s reception at the summit did not live up to its expectations. Iran’s history with the SCO is complicated. The country has observer status with the organization and first applied for membership in 2008. At the time, Iran’s membership was blocked by the SCO due to the UN sanctions over the country’s nuclear weapons program. Following ...


The New Impetus for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

The meeting of the heads of states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states has been gaining momentum in recent years as a regional – and indeed global – discussion platform. This is testament to the growing potential and credibility of the organization. In the rapidly changing global environment, and amidst ...


RIAC visited by Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan

On June 16, 2016, the Russian International Affairs Council received Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai for an event with participation of key Russian experts from academic institutes, MGIMO, Higher School of Economics, NGOs, Russian Foreign Ministry, Afghanistan Embassy and journalists. In his opening remarks Mr. Karzai expanded on his country’s military, economic and political environment, as well as on transition to a stable development pattern for Afghanistan and the entire...


Rashid Alimov: Kill both Symptoms and the Root of the Evil

... anniversary. Currently, the organization seems to be going through a most critical stage of its development, expanding and at the same time searching for responses to new threats to peace and security. To discuss these and other matters, we met with SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov on the sidelines of the conference "Russia-China: toward a New Quality of Bilateral Relations." This year the SCO is turning fifteen. How would you define its main achievement and current goals? Now it seems ...


Russia to defend regional security jointly with China

... Russian naval forces on Thursday ended their joint military exercises in the Mediterranean. The "Joint Sea-2015" drills, involving six Russian and three Chinese ships, were staged in four phases, focusing on maritime defense, replenishment and escorting. It was the fourth since joint China-Russia sea drills began in 2012. (Xinhua/Xiong Libing) Moreover, he said, multilateral military cooperation has improved markedly in the past three years within such frameworks as the U.N. Security Council,...


Russian, Chinese experts discuss integration projects in Eurasia

... Russia by RIAC Deputy Programme Director Timur Makhmutov, chief researcher Vladimir Petrovsky from the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, senior research fellow Igor Denisov from the Centre for East Asian and SCO Studies of the Institute for International Studies of Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and post-graduate student Yury Kulintsev from the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) of the ...


About Loyalty and Friendship – CSTO and EEU Summits

On December 21, 2015, Moscow hosted summit sessions of the CSTO Collective Security Council and the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council. Such meetings tend to attract much attention from the mass media due to important statements of the leaders and signed political declarations; ...


Afghanistan: New Mission, Old Problems

... is so intricate that untangling it seems barely possible on a bilateral or even trilateral level, suggesting the need for pan-regional engagement. Regional cooperation on Afghanistan has been discussed both by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), whose leaders, Russia and China, are political heavyweights that are in a position to unite regional forces for a future Afghanistan settlement. After the official end of the ISAF mission, Afghanistan’s ...


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