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Kyrgyz Neutrality in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

... Russo-Ukrainian conflict, what really bothers Bishkek? Seemingly, the relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan have not changed since the commencement of Russia’s special... ... prospects of maintaining the Russian presence in Central Asia against the backdrop of China’s growing economic and infrastructural influence, the U.S. military and political... ... willingness to keep up this trajectory, signaling his neutrality in relation to the Ukrainian crisis. Thus, Kyrgyzstan voted against the exclusion of Russia from the UN...


Settling the Syrian Conflict Amid the Ukrainian Crisis: Political Economy Perspective

... paper presents a political economy model for the settlement of the situation in Syria. The author explores the positions of Russia, Iran and China in Syria and their points of interaction. Possible scenarios for the development of the situation in Syria are analysed ... ... of the Ukraine crisis on the configuration of external actors of the Syrian conflict. Settling the Syrian Conflict Amid the Ukrainian Crisis: Political Economy Perspective , PDF, 2.2 Mb


A New Western Cohesion and World Order

... Collective West. Is current Western unity incidental or strategic? Is it transient or long-standing? How much do the interests of the major power centers of the Collective West diverge? How likely is this unity to extend to subsequent engagement with China as a major strategic adversary? What are the prospects for a significant number of states in the Global South to join the Western consensus? The author’s analysis aims to outline a possible interdisciplinary discussion that could provide answers ...


China’s 100-year Plan in Ukraine

While Xi Jinping may respect the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect its national interests and security in the face of external forces, he has a greater interest in having a bird’s eye view of China’s greatest costs of war During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States competed for global supremacy numerous times by waging proxy wars around the world; Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Angola being the most notable. Today, Russia has ...


Nuclear War — a Hypothetical Scenario or a Real Threat? RIAC Urban Breakfast

... issues related to the current system of control and limitation of nuclear weapons. The participants assessed theoretical and practical approaches to considering the likelihood of a nuclear war. Other issues included most pressing challenges between Russia, the United States, and China in the field of nuclear arms limitation and control. Key talking points: Aleksandr Ermakov The aggravation of the current military and political situation in the world over the past few years notwithstanding, the issue of nuclear weapons would ...


China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is the most radical international political change to date, and the most difficult political choice China has yet faced When talking about external challenges for ChinaRussia relations, we should first clarify what they mean given the current political situation. These challenges can be considered from different perspectives. At the ...


India Will Continue to Be Neutral

... into a treaty, peace treaty, it was not an alliance, but a peace treaty in 1971, which was again renewed after 30 years, when Russia came into being after the demise of the Soviet Union. But India is too big to be a junior partner. India sees itself as ... ... trying to ensure its own technological sovereignty or digital sovereignty, just as we see it in the European Union, Russia or China? So, we see this trend on a digital independence in the 21st century virtually everywhere. What’s happening in India on ...


Three Scenarios for the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

... are being put to the test. The outcome will have repercussions that go far beyond Europe The military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is not an ethnic conflict: ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians are fighting on both sides of the frontline.... ... Triumph for Ukraine might lead to a tamed and domesticated Russia. A quiet Russia would allow the West to cope more easily with China, which would be the only major obstacle to liberal hegemony and the long-awaited “end of history”. If the conflict results ...


What Could Take BRICS Forward?

... pandemic, trying to formulate joint responses to the serious challenges that are looming today, including those caused by the Ukrainian crisis, such as a new round of food crisis globally and the economic crisis predicted by the IMF and the World Bank.... ... conditions. Moscow is well aware of the need to accelerate work on the project, whose launch was previously scheduled for 2025. Russia is now switching to settlements in national currencies with India and China, having launched an alternative to SWIFT payment system with the latter. Previously, Brasilia and Moscow tried to use rubles ...


Ukraine Crisis Brings Russia and China Closer

On October 23, 2014, the Russian International Affairs Council received a delegation of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries ... ... Deputy Director of RAS Institute for Far Eastern Studies Sergey Louzyanin , the debate focused on: Common threats for Russia and China. The role and place of information security in the world of today. The importance of the SCO, the Eurasian Union and the ...


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