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The US Confiscation Policy

The victorious march of the authorities of the US, the EU, and other countries over the fragments of Russian property gives rise to legitimate fears among investors from other countries On April 28, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to pass new legislation on the confiscation of Russian property . The presidential proposals were previously developed ...


China in a Dilemma over its Support to Russia?

... set to spurn Russia after its military operation in Ukraine, and unwilling to face consequent sanctions, new sales opportunities could arise for Beijing. China is currently the world’s fourth-largest military equipment exporter in the world behind USA, Russia and France. Russian defence industry’s growing plight may open door to some countries changing allegiance from Russia to China when they next go about buying military equipment. Prominent Russian Sinologist Alexey Maslov recently stated that ...


Europe and the Atomic Bomb

... European politicians, especially the German ones, insistently claim that the reason for the change in their strategic approaches is Russia’s actions, aimed at correcting by force the injustice that arose in relation to its basic interests after the Cold War.... ... survival of allies and their ability to provide armed support is not a prerequisite for the survival of a country with several thousand nuclear warheads. In the case of the United States, the matter is complicated by its geopolitical position, in which even ...


Is Imran Khan Anti-American Or Pro-Pakistani?

... voluntarily subserviate Pakistan to American demands if it had the chance of pursuing credible alternatives. Regarding his refusal to host U.S. bases in the scenario that such was ever requested, he explained his decision in an op-ed for the Washington ... ... Informed by this very painful precedent, there was no way that he could risk that scenario occurring ever again. As for the Russian-friendly dimension of his foreign policy, former Prime Minister Khan revealed that Moscow offered to provide Pakistan ...


Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... and Azerbaijan’s choice to realize their territorial claims through the use of force. In terms of Turkish support for Azerbaijan, there are multiple points of tension with Russia. Arms provisions are one significant factor in Turkish equipment’s usage against Russia’s CSTO ally Armenia. The weapons provided by Turkey were showcased in the 2020 conflict by their effectiveness against Armenian equipment which was supplied by Russia. Turkish supplied drones in particular were seen to have played a major role ...


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... emerged from the Versailles Treaty in 1919. Does the Kremlin recognize the legitimacy of the European order that emerged from the fall of the Berlin Wall? Do you think this order is legitimate? «We should not recognize the order that was built against Russia. We tried to integrate in it but we saw it was a Versailles system number 2. I wrote that we had to destroy it. Not by force, but through constructive destruction, through refusal to participate in it. But after the last demand to stop NATO was again rejected, it was decided to use force». So the overall goal of this war is to overturn the presence of NATO in central and eastern European countries? «We see that most of the ...


War of European Integration

Moscow has destroyed the possibility of completing the construction of an order in Europe, in which its leading powers would occupy a central place The EU-Russia relations have returned to hostility and, accordingly, all ties that are not really of fundamental importance for the EU countries are being curtailed. However, so far this is only a reaction to the fact that Russia’s behaviour may deprive a ...


Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory

A former adviser to the Kremlin explains how Russia views the *** in Ukraine, fears over Nato and China, and the fate of liberalism. A former presidential adviser to both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, Sergey Karaganov is honorary chair of the Moscow think tank the Council for Foreign and Defence ...


Revisiting the R5 Paradigm

... initiative several developments have rendered its implementation more feasible. As noted in the original Valdai article on the R5 concept, “the “R5 initiative” targets the use of the respective national currencies of BRICS countries – Rouble (Russia), Rand (South Africa), Real (Brazil), Rupee (India) and Renminbi (China) – within the BRICS+ circle and more broadly in the world economy. The elements of such a strategy may include measures to boost trade and investment among BRICS+ (cooperation ...


Russia-West: Is It Possible to Lift the Sanctions?

The inclusion of sanctions in the formula for a compromise on Ukraine is quite possible. Total pessimism is hardly desirable here Diplomatic manoeuvring by Russia and Ukraine on the issue of a peace agreement, or at least a ceasefire, naturally raise the question of a possible lifting of Western sanctions against Russia. American officials have already made it clear that Washington will lift the previously-imposed ...


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