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Experts Discuss the Near Future of the Asia Pacific Region

At the final event of the year dedicated to the Asia Pacific, leading Russian researchers of the field shared their assessments of the most significant trends of 2020 and tried to forecast regional ... ... scientific centers and laboratories instead of American ones, which creates an opportunity for Russia. With the EU–China and Japan–China relations being also somewhat in jeopardy, small and medium powers in Asia and other regions may attempt to cooperate ...


Will the Six-Party Diplomatic Project Help Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula?

... nuclear energy, and they agreed to discuss the possibility of supplying the country with a light-water reactor. The United States, Japan and South Korea also undertook to normalize their relations with North Korea, provided that the latter returns to the Treaty ... ... social problems will be so great that they may jeopardize the country’s status and economic position. Moving on to China and Russia, they do not want to see a conflict breaking out on the Korean peninsula and call for stability, in the hope that it may ...


US-Russian Cooperation for a Prosperous and Secure Indo-Pacific Region

... international straits with the right of transit passage that is equally applicable to both civilian ships and warships. Read more at USA–China: the Struggle of Two Strategies and Practices of World Leadership / L. Vartazarova, I. Kobrinskaya, eds. // Moscow, IMEMO, – 2018. – P. 56-60. 4 - The current membership includes agencies from Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and the United States. Антон Железков


Russian re-industrialization dangers – lessons from Japan and USA

Russia’s greatness is in the resilience, endurance and inner strength of her people. They have recovered from many devastating ... ... – the then unexploited oil riches that had been lost after a harsh and unequal treaty imposed on the country by expansionist Japanese invaders, following the Russo-Japanese war and the military disasters suffered by a decaying Tsarist Russia on the brink ...


RussiaJapanUSA Trilateral Dialogue

On March 5, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted an annual round table in the format of the tripartite expert dialogue "RussiaJapanUSA". On March 5, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted an annual round table in the format of the tripartite expert dialogue "RussiaJapanUSA". This year the event was part of the international conference ...


Russia-Japan Dialogue: The Sanctions Factor

... The invigoration of dialogue between Moscow and Tokyo has again raised the question of the prospects for concluding a peace treaty. Both countries see the intensification of trade and economic cooperation as one of the goals of their negotiations. Japan’s diplomacy implies by default that solving the so-called “territorial issue” will create new conditions for commercial relations between the two countries. Russia is prepared for speeding up such relations regardless of the discussion on the Kuril Islands. However, there are many pitfalls on the road to a new quality of economic relations. The problem of the sanctions against Russia is one of the most urgent....


Asymmetry and Development of Russia-Japan Relations

Are RussiaJapan relations at an impasse and could Shinzo Abe’s latest visit to Russia be called unproductive? On May 25–26, 2018, ... ... statement supporting Great Britain’s stance on Russia’s complicity in the poisoning in Salisbury, condemning Russia’s refusal to respond to the enquiries by the British government and calling upon Russia to “respond urgently” to the questions ...


Regional Security in Northeast Asia and the RussiaJapan–U.S. Triangle

... multilateral and institutionalized format. A return to the six-party talks, probably, under a different name, is one possibility. A new format with a different list of participants, but that would still include the key regional stakeholders, Russia and Japan among them, is another one. 3. The United States and Russia should make utmost effort to overcome the vicious circle of distrust, accusations, pressure, and threats that is building up between them, and the political will necessary for this must be exercised by both sides. At the very least, Moscow and Washington should not let this negative dynamic influence the prospects of their ...


RIAC and NCAFP Host U.S.–JapanRussia Trilateral in New York

... focuses on the future of Northeast Asia and the challenges and opportunities it faces. Much of the discussion is devoted to Russia's and U.S. stances towards the region and the impact their bilateral ties have on cooperation with countries of the region ... ... the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the National Committee on American Foreign Policy ( NCAFP ) host a U.S.–JapanRussia Trilateral Conference in New York. This is the third event in a series that is to result in a joint trilateral ...


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