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The United States in Russia’s Public Opinion and Contemporary Political Thought

... to differentiate the interests of governments and their respective citizens has been an underlying cause of many misconceptions The mainstream media make frequent reference to the idea that the United States is viewed negatively by the majority of Russians. Similarly, we are accustomed to hearing that Russia – understood as the Russian authorities — is hostile to America. In both cases, we are dealing with purposely broad generalizations that are inherently misleading. It cannot be said that ...


Are We Closer to Justice When We Are Further Away from Freedom?

... these problems, then grassroots public bodies will take on the task of providing solutions. In some cases, it might be civil society institutions. But far more frequently, it will be the self-organization bodies of those who had previously attempted to ... ... during a democratic transition. This phenomenon has been observed in many states, from Algeria and its Islamic Salvation Front to Russia and its Liberal Democratic Party. The old elites must then either adapt to the new conditions and renew themselves from ...


The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin's Russia?

Russia will never be irrelevant to American interests. Nor can it be made subservient to them Russia will go to considerable lengths, for example, to block any further enlargement of NATO and to build up its leverage in the Middle East. With trade,...


Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... organizations / structures and individuals who, in cooperation with the state in various fields of human activity (politics, economics, social life, culture, sports etc.) are working to create the most favorable living conditions and increase the welfare of society and each member. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized that “the State and civil society are natural allies in achieving common goals, the main of which is the well-being of our people.” (From the speech by the President of Russia V.V. Putin at a meeting of ...


Conspiracy Theories, Fake News and Disinformation. Why There’s So Much of It and What We Can Do About it

... recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders. Christina Nemr and William Gangware: " Weapons of Mass Distraction: Foreign State-Sponsored Disinformation in the Digital Age " The report begins with a horrific story broadcasted on the Russian state-owned “Channel One” in 2014. The story covered how Ukrainian soldiers crucified a child in front of its mother's eyes. Later, this story was proved to be fake, and there was neither a killed child, nor shocked mother. Still, the story ...


Professor Stanisław Bieleń: Ruling Elites Opted for Unconditional Cooperation with Western Countries

... memory with Soviet crimes. Meanwhile, the expectations of Polish society are quite different. Contrary to appearances, the average Pole is not such a Russophobe, nor such Ukrainophile, as the mainstream media and politicians portray him to be. Polish society is tired of primitive anti-Russian propaganda, winding psychosis of war and suspicion, as well as the rising costs of economic sanctions. I am also deeply embarrassed by the attempts to win World War II by Polish political elites 75 years after it ended. It is time to acknowledge ...


Recognizing Crimea — A Logical First Step to Better Improve Russia-U.S. Relations

Nations who value democracy should stand up and support the people of Crimea. The partnership between the United States and the Russian Federation is fairly balanced. There is a competitive mixture of agreements and disagreements. In today’s geopolitical climate, tensions can escalate quickly. All it takes is disinformation or a lack of context to irritate international relations....


Coronavirus as a Problem of Fathers and Sons

... a conflict of fathers and sons, for the simple reason that young people everywhere in the world have their own fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, whose fate is not inconsequential to them – that happens in France, in China, and in Russia. There is no serious conflict between fathers and sons over coronavirus, but there is a generational problem. Of course, in an ideal society, all generations would live in harmony with each other and the problem of choosing priorities in such a society do not arise. But in real life, you have to deal with such a problem every day. Where to invest budget funds: in a new hospital or ...


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