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Political Transformations in Iran: How to Keep up with the Times

... allow us to demonstrate the Iranian statehood’s development potential and possible challenges to it. Moral Choice: of Goals and Values The normative environment consists of a set of basic values and priorities supported by the political elite and society. In this connection, Iranians' attitude to the authorities and their understanding of religious values, and their shared image of the future are worth a closer look. Iran still has a significant power distance between the authorities and society....


Is Anarchy the Mother of Order?

... hopelessly out-dated. However, the state is also merely one of these institutions. Do the authors have confidence that the chain reaction of institutional disintegration will stop at the state level, and will not go further right up to the collapse of society as such? Mikhail Bakunin, Pyotr Kropotkin and even Karl Marx themselves would not mind such a denationalisation of modern society, but are the risks inevitably associated with this process of deconstruction of the global society too high? It has ...


The United States in Russia’s Public Opinion and Contemporary Political Thought

The inability to differentiate the interests of governments and their respective citizens has been an underlying cause of many misconceptions The mainstream media make frequent reference to the idea that the United States is viewed negatively by the majority of Russians. Similarly, we are accustomed to hearing that Russia – understood as the Russian authorities — is hostile to America. In both cases, we are dealing with purposely broad generalizations that are inherently misleading. It cannot be...


Lebanon Is Going Through a Dark Tunnel with No End in Sight

... However, the flaws and failures that have brought Lebanon to its knees cannot all be referred to the so-called confessionalism as such. Corruption, cronyism, and indifference toward the common good, can be present in any kind of government system and society. As for Lebanon, it is the extremely poor conduct in the management of public affairs that must be held accountable for the lack of development of the country’s capacities, despite its enormous potential. The regional disputes involving Lebanon ...


Trump’s TikTok Ban: US-China Escalation Goes Digital

By pushing the Chinese elite from the global space, the Americans are diluting their influence over China In relations between the United States and China, we see the next steps towards escalation. The key reasons are America’s criticism of the PRC’s policy towards Hong Kong, as well as Washington’s policy of applying intense pressure on Chinese telecommunications companies. Ivan Timofeev: US Administration v. China On August 7 of this year, the US Treasury Department included 11 high-ranking...


Are We Closer to Justice When We Are Further Away from Freedom?

... domestic politics, it could mean strengthening the security functions of the state and the relevant institutions. It appears, however, that such scenarios may be realized in the short term. They do not entail solutions to the underlying problems of modern society connected to justice and development. Just like securitization is the flip side of the struggle for freedom, developmentalization is the middle name of the desire for justice. The demand for justice is ultimately a demand for all types of development: ...


The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin's Russia?

Russia will never be irrelevant to American interests. Nor can it be made subservient to them Russia will go to considerable lengths, for example, to block any further enlargement of NATO and to build up its leverage in the Middle East. With trade, diplomatic, and humanitarian contacts so eroded, Moscow sees little to lose in the U.S.-Russian relationship, and so will be more likely to intrude into domestic American politics to increase social friction and deepen internal cleavages in the United...


Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... successful areas of cooperation: in the economy, trade and industry, healthcare, and agriculture, social sphere, science and, of course, in the entire foreign policy course as a whole. Nevertheless, it is interpersonal relations and the language of society today that are still one of the key and least conflicting tools for dialogue. Controversial and uncompromising positions, diverging views on the international arena, sanctions policy and rivalry in foreign markets do not add a positive touch to ...


Neo-Modernity: A New Framework for Political Reality

... rather than traditionalism, Communism or the ‘East’ that is becoming the main adversary of the universalized discourse of the good. Nationalism is the name that intellectuals and the public ever so frequently give to the negative opposites of civil society” (Alexander, 2013, p.584). The multiplicity and incoherence of these interpretations make one wonder whether there is some meaningful core to the idea of neo-modernity understood differently by different authors, or whether “neo-modernity” ...


“United in Adversity”. On the Importance of European Identity in a Post-Coronavirus World

... European sentiment. Why is The Development of a Shared Identity so Fundamental? According to Paul Collier, professor of Economics and Public Policy at Oxford University, at the root of any economic development lies a sense of identity [ 4 ]. Every society presents a dual composition, a power structure, and an identity component. In the absence of the latter, power dissolves into a theatre, meaning directives are less likely to be respected (e.g., different member states' response to the refugee ...


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