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Legal Absurdity from the European Commission

... territory of the EU countries. In fact, the European Commission has granted wide discretion to national customs and other authorities in taking restrictive measures against Russians. Given the work on criminalization of acts related to violating the sanctions [ 2 ] at the EU level, soon any Russian citizen staying in the EU territory can potentially be held criminally liable, because everyone has clothes, cell phones, perfumes, etc. in their possession. If we take the logic of the European Commission’s officials further, we can model a ...


Already Routine: New US Sanctions Against Russian Companies

The regime of Western sanctions against Russia is likely to continue for decades. Therefore, investing in diversification is in many ways a non-alternative strategy The US Treasury has introduced another series of financial blocking sanctions against Russian citizens and legal entities. The ...


Will Customs in EU Countries Undress Russian Citizens?

... practice becomes widespread, another nail will be driven into the coffin of human ties between Russia and the EU In Russia, the new European Commission (EC) rules on the import of sanctioned goods by Russian citizens has caused quite a stir. The EU sanctions policy against Russia includes a wide range of measures. These include blocking financial sanctions, sectoral restrictions, transport and visa bans, export controls on a wide range of goods, as well as a ban on the import of a number of goods from Russia. The latter ...


US Sanctions Against Companies from Kyrgyzstan: A New Trend?

... a number of states, companies from these countries often continue to observe US sanctions laws. Ivan Timofeev: Weapons Against Armour. What Do the ’Red Flags’ of Foreign Sanctions Regulators Mean? In the latest package of US financial blocking sanctions against Russia, introduced on July 20 this year, four companies from Kyrgyzstan were included. According to the US authorities, all four companies were engaged in the supply of dual-use goods under US export control to Russian customers through Kyrgyz jurisdiction ...


The US and its allies have done more to nationalize the Russian business elite than anyone could have imagined

Washington spent a century trying to spread its ideology to Moscow. Now it has sanctioned our most ardent capitalists. How to even describe this sort of hypocrisy? The imposition of US sanctions against the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) is something of a paradox. The RSPP reflects the interests of businessmen and companies - ie. the locomotives of the capitalist economy. So, by definition, these are the very people who most believe ...


Weapons Against Armour. What Do the ’Red Flags’ of Foreign Sanctions Regulators Mean?

... withdrawal from the Western markets, the search for alternative suppliers in friendly countries, as well as reliable mechanisms for financial transactions that are not related to the US dollar or other Western currencies The significant number of sanctions against Russia has naturally led to an increase in the number of attempts to circumvent them. If before the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine (SMO) in February 2022, investigations into violations of sanctions regimes against Russia were a rather ...


Eleventh Package of EU Sanctions. What's New?

The main intrigue of the package was restrictive measures against foreign countries and organisations that interact with Russia The European Union has introduced its eleventh package of sanctions against Russia . The main intrigue of the package was restrictive measures against foreign countries and organisations that interact with Russia. It pertains to cooperation in those areas that are one way or another under EU sanctions. In other words, the question ...


RIAC Presents an Anthology Sanctions Policy: Goals, Strategies, Tools

... Gerasimov, First Deputy Director General and Executive Director of the Interfax Group. Key questions included: What are the statistics on updating the lists of blocked persons, as well as other sanctions lists? What export control measures were applied to Russia? What is the secondary sanctions application practice? What are the patterns of criminal and administrative prosecution for violation of sanctions regimes in the jurisdictions of the initiating countries? What to expect from the second half of 2023 in relation to the risk of ...


US Congress and Sanctions Against Russia

... far retained considerable leeway in easing or lifting sanctions does not mean that this will happen. The political crisis in relations between Moscow and Washington is so deep that the only realistic scenario for the near future is an escalation of sanctions, Russia's growing separation from the globalised economy, relying on its own forces, and the development of relations with the so-called "world majority". First published in the Valdai Discussion Club .


OPEC+ Cuts Production

... MET. From political perspectives, the OPEC+ decision to cut production is also beneficial. After the February statement of Mr. Novak regarding Russia’s intention to cut oil production, many critics interpreted it as a forced measure. They say the sanctions are doing their job, and Russia can no longer produce enough oil without Western technologies, trying to disguise the actual drop in production as a planned voluntary reduction. Following this logic, other producers also face problems, which is, surely, not true. Furthermore,...


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