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Arms Control Is to Be Maintained and Invigorated at All Costs

... confine themselves to the question of medium-range missiles, then it is their business with the Chinese. What we need to do regarding such missiles is promote the moratorium that Putin recently proposed: missiles that were banned under the denounced 1987 INF Treaty should not be deployed in the European part of Russia and in the rest of Europe. For verification Putin suggested introducing on-site inspections. This, of course, is very different from the INF Treaty. Nonetheless, it is a basis for an agreement. As for the Asian dimension, the Americans are free ...


A Year Without the INF Treaty: You Need an Umbrella During Rainy Season

... opposed viewpoints. Of course, there is no reason to put all our faith in the memoirs authored by former US national security adviser John Bolton who claims that, in a conversation with him, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu allegedly admitted that the INF Treaty had “lost its practicality.” Russia’s position on the treaty is well known and is devoid of ambiguity. Nevertheless, one gets the impression that Moscow was not fighting to preserve the INF Treaty as consistently, resourcefully or energetically as it fought to preserve the ABM ...


The Hidden Logic of the United States that Led to its Withdrawal from the INF Treaty

... Under the agreement, the United States and Russia agreed to reduce the number of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles deployed during the Cold War. However, Donald Trump called New START a “ bad deal ” following the United States’ exit from the INF Treaty. If Russia and the United States fail to come to an agreement on the extension of New START or cannot hammer out a new one, then, given the collapse of both the INF and ABM treaties, the arms control system developed by the sides over the course of decades ...


The Current Trends in Russia–EU Relations

The current trends in Russia–EU relations carry a number of risks that should be mentioned when predicting possible scenarios for the further deterioration of these relations. The current trends in Russia–EU relations carry a number of risks that should be mentioned when predicting possible scenarios for the further deterioration of these relations. The general deterioration of European security due to the expiration of the INF Treaty, the degradation of confidence-building measures, and the start of an arms race, including hi-tech weapons (understanding that the military-political situation in Europe cannot change drastically in 2020, and military spending in European countries ...


How to Address the Russian Post-INF Initiatives

... be to try to reach out, formally or informally, to Russia to clarify the technical parameters of the proposed moratorium The Russian moratorium proposal On 2 nd February 2019, when the United States announced that it intended to withdraw from the INF Treaty on 2 nd August, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with ministers Shoigu and Lavrov to discuss the possible weapons that might be developed in response, and framed a ‘formula’ for the moratorium on their deployment: “…Russia will not deploy intermediate-range ...


What to Expect in 2020 for Russia–US Relations

... And even if the Kremlin wanted to play that role, who would it support? President Trump? The same guy who has levied more sanctions against Russia (often unwarranted). The same guy who has lobbied against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, pulled out of the INF Treaty, permitted airstrikes that killed Russian nationals in Syria, provided lethal military aid to Ukraine, and sought regime change in countries like Venezuela — places where Russian energy companies have billion-dollar contracts? Or what about Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic frontrunners?...


Four Pieces of Advice to Emmanuel Macron about the INF Treaty

... the OSCE as a platform for “structured dialogue” either since this platform has not even yet brought about the modernisation of the Vienna document. This means we need to think about creating a separate ad hoc group in NATO to conduct talks with Russia on the INF Treaty. This group could probably include members of the Alliance that are also members of the “Nuclear Club”, namely the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Perhaps countries that accommodate elements of the US European missile defence ...


Aleksey Arbatov: Talks on a Future START Should Have Been Launched Yesterday

... principle, we are on the threshold of destroying the treaty system? Can the expired agreements (ABM Treaty, the CFE Treaty, the INF Treaty) be followed by the endangered START and TOS and then by the CTBT, Non-Proliferation Treaty and other fundamental agreements?... ... correct. If the central link falls apart… there are already attempts to undermine the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; Russia is already being accused of secretly conducting some tests. The Non-Proliferation Treaty… If this system collapses, its ...


BRICS Strategic Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth

... Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth", November 12, 2019 On November 13–14, 2019, Brasilia will host the 11th BRICS Summit. In the run-up to this key event of the year for our group I would like to share Russia's vision of the BRICS strategic partnership. The current Brazilian BRICS Chairmanship managed to achieve serious progress in all main pillars of cooperation – political, economic and humanitarian. Russia supports its Brazilian friends in their ...


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