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The Migration Factor in the Midst of the Covid Pandemic

... migration and human capital were arguably more severe. According to the estimates of the World Bank in the course of 2020 the world economy will witness a 20% reduction in the size of remittances, with some of the most significant declines observed in Europe ... ... the effects on the labour market, income and poverty levels in the developing countries is progressively deteriorating. In Russia according to the official data the migrant inflow declined by as much as 50% in April, though subsequently starting from ...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... objectively increasing. For instance, the Agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea and the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade of the Syrian Arab Republic on Trade and Economic Cooperation as part of plans to create a joint trading ... ... Economic Cooperation may be injected with specific substance. The Caesar Act may prompt Syrian IT sector operators to choose Russian analogues or unique technologies instead of the American software they previously used, thus bypassing the sanctions, ...


China Replacing Russia as the Boogeyman in the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Implications for Russia-China Relations

... of criticism for the U.S. President, who is adamant about securing his second term in office. It is hard to find any other positive agenda as soon as he failed to deliver an efficacious response to the pandemic, which has already put the country's economy at risk of recession with a gloomy long-term economic outlook. Russia can no longer alone serve as a scapegoat for misdoings of U.S. politicians. Such rhetoric has been present in American media for such a long time that it has eventually lost some of its appeal to the U.S. audience. Bianca Canevari: Towards Strategic ...


Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... of joint or any other goals is accompanied today by a number of factors aggravating the already fragile nature of international relations framework. The “mutual alienation” and “multilayeredness” that are characteristic of relations between Russia and Europe, and the corresponding “narrowing of contacts and aggravation of tone” for some time seriously worsened the situation in all previously successful areas of cooperation: in the economy, trade and industry, healthcare, and agriculture, social sphere, science and, of course, in the entire foreign policy course as a whole. Nevertheless, it is interpersonal relations and the language of society today that are still one of the key ...


Pakistan Greeted Russia on Victory Day

Based on the convergence of interests, relations between Pakistan and Russia will be further strengthened Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan sent a message of greeting on the occasion of the Russian Victory Day celebration, "Pakistan extends warm felicitations to the Government and people of the Russian Federation ...


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... risks at hand. Given the difficulties, including severe budget constraints, that are likely to be experienced by the global economy in the post-crisis setting in creating new international organizations, a significant part of the institutional adjustment ... ... across regions to pandemics. One possible format may involve the EU (covering France and, only to a degree, the UK), BRICS (Russia, China) and the North American USMCA alliance. This framework effectively involves most of the G20 countries into discussions ...


New Economic Paradigms on the Back of the Global Crisis

... development towards greater emphasis on social outlays. In line with global trends the financing of items such as healthcare is likely to be given a boost, particularly given that healthcare is a prominent part of Russia’s national projects. Any uplift in Russia’s markets and the economy will hinge upon the dynamics in the oil price – in this respect a speedy return back to price levels observed in the beginning of this year will be difficult to attain even despite the OPEC+ deal in view of the scale of excess supply amid weak ...


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter…/bipartisan-coalition-c…/ ). On March 24 Sergey Lavrov delivered a message to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (…/asset…/D2wHaWMCU6Od/content/id/4094236… ). The Minister urged to consider the possibility of return to the home country for all the Russian citizens incarcerated in the U.S. In addition, I personally addressed to Attorney-General W.Barr and head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons M.Carvajal on the destiny of my compatriots (…/a.493759737501…/1286416334902087/ ...


How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... Revolutionary Guards warn US ships to cross their area and The USA warns Iran and also criticizes the start of an Iranian military satellite. The EU is now starting its more symbolic navy mission Irini for Libya while the proxy war there between France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, the Gulf States, Saudiarabia and Qatar is escalating at the moment. The Islamists are starting attacks and offensives in Libya and Africa despite or because of Covid. There are now enough powers who want to make use of the Covid crisis ...


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