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Russian Aircraft Carrier: Time to Grasp the Nettle

... defense missions, which would seem a timely goal, since ever more countries are building and purchasing aircraft carriers. Design Debates Photo: Aircraft Carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" Official reports on the likely construction of aircraft carriers for the Russian Navy first appeared in 2004, as on March 5, the Navy CINC Fleet Admiral Kuroyedov announced that Russia should build its new carrier by 2017. In May 2005, he confirmed the intention and added some details, such as launching the design work in ...


Emerging trends in naval pluralism

... fundamental factors that determine the naval activities of mankind will remain unchanged, and the trends in this area are visible today. Having a long-term outlook for the coming changes of the fleet and naval power will help shape strategic priorities in the Russian state policy in this sphere. Naval Pluralism In naval terms, today’s world is largely unipolar. The previous Mistress of the Seas, Great Britain, followed the “two countries’ standard” for naval might, meaning that the ...


Ukrainian NITKA: Grasp ALL, Lose All

... naval aircraft training facility NITKA, built in the 1970s -1980s near the city of Saki on the Crimean Peninsula, now Ukraine, which seems to be in terminal decline. Due to the Ukrainian leaders’ vacillation on cooperation in the defense-sector, Russia, NITKA’s main user, has launched construction on its own complex, as have India and China, who also have Soviet-built aircraft carriers. Inter-Slavic Dispute NITKA was put into service in August 1982, when the facility’s ramp was first used to ski-jump a T-10K, the prototype for the SU27K carrier-based fighter, later mass produced as SU-33. Until the late 1980s,...


Does Russia Need Aircraft Carriers?

Abstract on Russian Naval Capacity Whether Russia needs aircraft carriers is a critical question, an answer to which must be given by the military and political leadership of the country. This decision will determine in large part Russia’s national security and the effective spending of taxpayers’ ...


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