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China’s Flying Sharks

Why Is China Spending Large Amounts of Money on Building Aircraft Carriers? The Chinese made their carrier-based fighter choice back in 1991 it was largely in China’s interests that abreast-seating configuration of the Su-33UB, which is unusual for fighter jets, was eventually implemented. Alexey Biryuk ...


The Pearl in the Great China Fleet

... Soviet examples as their point of origin. First, let us briefly talk about the Soviet aircraft carrier programme. After the unsuccessful attempts to build “Stalin’s Big Fleet,” as it was called [1] , which was supposed to include aircraft carriers (the first such proposals were heard when the Russian Empire was still in existence ), the Soviet Navy was forced to put aircraft carriers – which had in any case been labelled “weapons of imperial aggression” – ...


The Third Crusade

Military aircraft in the Middle East conflicts December 18, 2011 was a momentous day for the U.S. Air Force: it flew the last combat sorties as part of Operation New Dawn , the final phase of the second Iraq War that began in 2003. For the first time since the start of the Desert Storm operation in 1991, U.S. war planes stopped combat operations over Iraq [1] . However, Iraq did not enjoy a peaceful sky for long. On August 8, 2014 two U.S. Navy carrier-based jet fighters struck Islamic State...


From Aircraft Carriers to Leadership Issues

... British) on naval issues, which seem relevant to specialists in international relations, governance, military policy and naval affairs, as well as to a broad readership of people interested in military history and naval issues. James L. Holloway III, Aircraft Carriers at War: A Personal Retrospective of Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet Confrontation , Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 2007. This autobiography, by James Holloway, a retired US Navy admiral, is devoted to aircraft carriers, the symbol ...


The Koala with Maritime Ambitions

The Present and the Future of the Royal Australian Navy With naval power as a key tool of its foreign and security policies, Australia is striving to strengthen its leadership in the South Pacific, which is making the modernization of the Royal Australian Navy a matter of particular attention. This issue is especially important because the regional balance of power appears to be changing. Australia's national security is directly linked to its naval power and freedom of navigation, since its exclusive...


Russian Aircraft Carrier: Time to Grasp the Nettle

... becomes something of a lottery without carriers of one's own. Squeezed up to bases and on-shore airfields, the defending fleet will mean ceding the initiative from the outset. Russia is also taking steps to adopt this approach. But in the absence of aircraft carriers, the navy will be severely limited, since beyond the operational range of land-based aircraft, ships will only be employable in police operations against a poorly armed enemy. Without air support, action against countries with relatively ...


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

The Chinese Aircraft Carrier Fleet When Dai Mingmeng took off from and landed on an aircraft carrier on November 23, 2012, he became the first Chinese pilot to do so, and attracted the attention of both experts and the general public. Some observers called the event the turning point in China's aircraft carrier program. Others believe the November test's importance has been exaggerated, since it cannot meaningfully affect regional stability. But in reality, the takeoff and landing mark another...


The Indian Aircraft Carrier: The Search for Consensus Solutions

... essential to its national security, in fact no less significant than its nuclear and air force capabilities. India has a 50-year-long record of operating aircraft-capable ships, while the current navy construction program envisions commissioning three new aircraft carriers within the next 15 years, two of them to be built in India. These three carriers will give the Indian navy two constantly ready carrier battle groups . The Long Journey to a National Aircraft Carrier Photo: India's first ...


Emerging trends in naval pluralism

Sea Power in 100 years’ time Over the next hundred years, the military-political situation in the great oceans will undergo qualitative changes. However, the fundamental factors that determine the naval activities of mankind will remain unchanged, and the trends in this area are visible today. Having a long-term outlook for the coming changes of the fleet and naval power will help shape strategic priorities in the Russian state policy in this sphere. Naval Pluralism In naval terms, today’s...


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