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The Catalan Labyrinth

When the Catalan crisis broke out, the Spanish authorities were forced to re-think their previous approaches to the country’s territorial and political integrity The Catalan Independence Referendum held on October 1, 2017, and the subsequent declaration of independence approved by Catalonia’s Parliament provoked a major political and constitutional crisis in Spain, the worst since the country transitioned to democracy forty years ago....


Pro-Catalan Independence Party Member: People Need to Go to Polls

... “Yes” wins, the Catalan Parliament should declare the independence and people should go on the streets to show the support to that proclamation. Interview with Lluc Salellas, member of the National Secretary of the Popular Unity Candidacy The referendum on the future of Catalonia is scheduled for October, 1. With the national government opposing the vote, the results of the upcoming event remains unclear. Lluc Salellas, member of the National Secretary of the Popular Unity Candidacy (pro-Catalan ...


Italian Referendum Result: A Headache for Rome, or for Brussels?

... the chief symbol and foundation of Roman statehood. Incalzando con spirito It was against the Senate — to be precise, the Italian Senate rather than the Roman one of old — that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pitted himself in the 4 December referendum. He was proposing that the Senate change from an influential directly elected legislative body into a primarily advisory institution akin to Russia’s Civic Chamber. Its numbers would be reduced from the current 315 to 100, and the new ...


A Glorious Defeat

On October 2, 2016, a fairly gloomy day for Hungary, the overwhelming majority of Hungarians voted against EU-imposed quotas on the number of migrants to be distributed across EU members. But with the turnout too low – the referendum would have been valid if at least 50% of the voters had cast their ballots – the will of the Hungarian people failed to assert itself as an uncompromising stance against Brussels for which Hungary’s government hoped. The referendum ...


Referendum in Thailand: Why Did Voters Support the Junta?

... voters supported the package of reforms to be implemented over the next 20 years, as well as giving the highest ranks of the ruling military the right to appoint the senate and, most likely, the prime minister as well. On August 7, 2016, Thailand held a referendum on the draft of yet another constitution , the 19th since absolute monarchy was abolished in 1932. Over 61 per cent of the voters supported the new draft proposed by the military government, which came to power after a bloodless coup, with ...


Adjournment: South Ossetia Postpones Referendum

May 26, 2016, following a sitting of the Political Council under the RSO President, South Ossetian president Leonid Tibilov and parliament speaker Anatoly Bibilov signed a statement on the 2017 referendum on South Ossetia’s joining the Russian Federation. Earlier, the RSO government had been planning to hold the referendum before August 2016. The Russian International Affairs Council asked Sergey Markedonov, a RIAC expert, to comment ...


Ripples Looming from Scotland's Independence Referendum

It is hard to predict whether or not Scotland will remain within the United Kingdom The referendum on Scottish independence emerged as a key British political issue in 2011 after the Scottish National Party won parliamentary elections in Scotland. However, the SNP obtained a parliamentary majority due to electoral discontent with the Labour ...


Catalonia: Facing a Difficult Choice

The parties supporting Catalonian independence from the rest of Spain dominate that autonomous community. A referendum on self-determination is scheduled for November 9, 2014. However, according to the Constitution, no entity can hold a referendum without the consent of Spanish authorities or without a permit for a national referendum. This provision of the ...


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