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The Catalan Labyrinth

... Generalitat since it had already traditionally depicted Catalonia as a victim of Madrid’s oppression and willful cruelty; these actions prompted sympathy for separatists among people who, just a short while ago, could not have imagined a life outside Spain. Five days after the referendum, Enric Millo, the Spanish Government’s official representative in Catalonia, apologized for the actions of the civil guard and the national police; his apology, however, failed to diffuse tensions in the region. The Catalan government regarded ...


Pro-Catalan Independence Party Member: People Need to Go to Polls

... “Yes” wins, the Catalan Parliament should declare the independence and people should go on the streets to show the support to that proclamation. Interview with Lluc Salellas, member of the National Secretary of the Popular Unity Candidacy The referendum on the future of Catalonia is scheduled for October, 1. With the national government opposing the vote, the results of the upcoming event remains unclear. Lluc Salellas, member of the National Secretary of the Popular Unity Candidacy (pro-Catalan ...


Catalonia: Facing a Difficult Choice

... (“Madrid robs us”). In recent years, nationalist sentiments have been increasingly evolving into separatist ones. Since 2009, dozens of small towns and villages of Catalonia held referendums in which the participants voted for secession from Spain. These referendums had no legal force, but exerted serious influence on public sentiment. A demonstration in Barcelona on September 11, 2012, the National Day of Catalonia, became an unprecedented manifestation of protest activity. About 1.5 million participants ...


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