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The Catalan Labyrinth

... time, the number of secessionists never exceeded the number of proponents of Spain’s territorial integrity. The latter dominated, but the balance of forces continued to vary from 0.2% (March 2016) to 8.3% (June 2017). In June, three months before the referendum, Catalonia had 41.1% of secession proponents and 49.4% of united Spain proponents . According to the АВС newspaper, since summer 2016, separatists lost 350,000 followers. The silent majority faced a rather numerous, garrulous, well-organized and well-financed ...


Pro-Catalan Independence Party Member: People Need to Go to Polls

... the Popular Unity Candidacy (pro-Catalan independence party) shares his views on the current situation describing the challenges ahead of the referendum. / Jordi Borràs Lluc Salellas The national government has been reacting negatively to Catalonia’s scheduled referendum. Is it still going to be held? If so, what outcome could be expected? Last week the Catalan parliament passed the law that allows the referendum. The government’s decision to hold it is very strong even though it is true that the Spanish ...


Catalonia: Facing a Difficult Choice

... other regions of the country, i.e. support other less prosperous regions (“Madrid robs us”). In recent years, nationalist sentiments have been increasingly evolving into separatist ones. Since 2009, dozens of small towns and villages of Catalonia held referendums in which the participants voted for secession from Spain. These referendums had no legal force, but exerted serious influence on public sentiment. A demonstration in Barcelona on September 11, 2012, the National Day of Catalonia, became an ...


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