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Russia and the U.S.: Time to Look for Compromises

... be no winner in a nuclear war. However, confirmation from the Kremlin and the White House in today’s far more complicated and dangerous international situation would certainly have a positive significance. Another proposal involves prolonging the New START immediately and without any pre-conditions, while simultaneously launching intensive consultations on a broad range of strategic stability issues. There are other proposals that are brought to the notice of the political leadership in both countries ...


A Year Without the INF Treaty: You Need an Umbrella During Rainy Season

Even if the political clouds are miraculously dispersed and the New START is revived in the coming months, it would not do much to bring back the Soviet-American model of arms control that took shape almost half a century ago Imagine an ordinary everyday situation, which shouldn’t be a problem this summer with ...


Recommendations for American Policy and Priorities Towards Russia

... ensuring economic stability across the world — the two sides simply need to engage in dialogue to find common ground. That common ground will likely lead to stabilizing solutions that advance the interests and security of both countries. Renew the New START Treaty and Promote Broader Cooperation on Arms Control In the past two decades, there has been much progress lost in the realm of arms control between the United States and Russia. Despite a history of successful diplomacy on this subject, its ...


The World after START

... in late June is certainly good news. If the discussions go well, then there may be hope that the Treaty between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (New START) will be extended after all. If the sides fail to come to an agreement, the likelihood of which, unfortunately, is extremely high, then in February 2021, New START will suffer the same fate as the Soviet–American Intermediate-Range Nuclear ...


We Have No Trust, No Confidence Whatsoever” in America

TNI editor Jacob Heilbrunn interviews Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov about the New START Treaty and the state of U.S.-Russia relations. Heilbrunn : The U.S. is pushing very hard against China right now, at least rhetorically. China has vowed to smash any Taiwanese move toward independence and looks to be cracking down in Hong ...


U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

... Open Skies Treaty, a 1992 accord that allows for aerial reconnaissance of the territory of 35 countries in Europe and North America, fully follows the logic of abolishing U.S. international security commitments. The next shoe to fall will likely be the New START Treaty, which the Trump administration seems happy to let expire next February. Accusations of Russian infringements of the treaties and agreements, as well as the condemnation of Iranian activities outside the scope of the JCPOA, serve as ...


Keeping Peace in the Nuclear Age

Why Washington and Moscow Must Extend the New START Treaty Ten years ago, the United States and Russia signed the New START treaty—a nuclear arms control agreement that we, as the heads of our governments’ respective delegations, helped negotiate. Since then, New START has played a central ...


Russia’s View on Nuclear Arms Control

Arms Control Today conducted a written interview in early March with Anatoly Antonov, Russian ambassador to the United States on issues including the current status of U.S.-Russian strategic security talks, the future of New START, talks on intermediate-range missile systems, engaging China in arms control, and President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for a summit of the leaders of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Arms Control Today conducted a written ...


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