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What Does NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for Regional Actors?

... fleeing NATO coalition advances in Afghanistan. There are cultural links between Afghan and Pakistani communities with Pashtun tribes living along the borders. Pakistan is one of the major actors that is thriving in the current instability caused by NATO’s withdrawal. The links between the Taliban and Islamabad allow Pakistan to wield considerable influence in Afghanistan; Pakistan has been increasingly pursuing a policy separate from its former close U.S. ally, with relations damaged between the two over Pakistan’s support for terrorist groups. Islamabad also maintains ...


Russia-Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward

... Quad—an alliance between America, Australia, India, and Japan to counter Russia and contain China—and the emergence of an Asian NATO is alarming for all nations who wish to maintain peace. India, a traditional ally of Russia, has joined the American camp ... ... defense partner, which has completely changed the environment in the whole region.ITAR-TASSMaintaining good relations between Pakistan and Russia is vital in order to face the newly emerged challenges and ensure peace, stability, and prosperity in the ...


Aman-21: Pakistan-Russia in Close Cooperation for Peace

... drills by a naval group of the Black Sea Fleet that consisted of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich with a deck-based helicopter, the patrol vessel Dmitry Rogachev and the rescue tug SB-739. The United States' naval ships, China, the U.K., Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, and other countries also participated in the exercise. The drills involved 46 nations, including the militaries from NATO countries, Russia, Iran, Ukraine, and even observers from Switzerland, Uzbekistan, and other states that do not have their own navies. Considering its size, the event created an important platform for the promotion of internationalunderstanding, ...


The Efficiency of German Contribution in the Afghan Peace Process

... positive developments have so far came about would be lost. Thus Markus Potzel Germany’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, since some times endeavors to hold meetings with the representatives of both Taliban and the Afghan government, in order ... ... beyond, because Germany stationed the second largest troops in Afghanistan, the country is one of the main initiator of the NATO Resolute Support Mission for Afghanistan and it is one of the top 10 contributors to the reconstruction process and humanitarian ...


NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan: problems and risks

... combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) base in Pakistan, and limit flights of these vehicles over this country. Nowadays the Pakistani establishment does not show any sign of restoring even a minimal level of cooperation with the U.S. Under these circumstances, Pakistan almost closed NATO supply routes passing through its territory. Islamabad has a reason to believe that after the withdrawal of the coalition forces there will emerge a sort of power vacuum, which would give it a chance to take an active part in creating a new Kabul ...


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