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A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... became obvious that an accidental or induced blockage in the Strait of Malacca would lead to severe repercussions for China. Dr. Mitrova recalled from her own well-travelled personal experience and top academic literature that this is a colossal concern for ... ... via land and sea (Blank, 1991: 649-51; 2010). I have explored some of these partners in my older post (e.g. Central Asia or Russia; see: China Post), but extent of success via diversification depends on a heap of reasons. A lot will be down to future ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... is a global sweatshop, whilst the latter is the energy pantry, so both technically need each other. However, the Trans-Asian Energy System (TAES) or Energy Cooperation System has been in essence buried by 'pseudo-bureaucraticism', as Mitrova puts it, as Russia feels that its Asian counterpart will gain relatively more. International Relations is not a team sport as any teams change quickly and mistrust is common, so although we may see closer relations between China and Russia in the future, right now ...


European Energy Woes

... (enormous logical fallacy in my opinion), market reforms, looming contract litigation, energy security, shale revolution and domestic challenges will be discussed. In this post I am joined by the Head of Oil and Gas at the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Tatiana Mitrova. This is the first of two posts from this special series, so keep tuned, please feel free to comment and enjoy! Personal Note: My regular readers may have noticed that I have recently been away from blogging, Twitter and journalism; this ...


«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

... Further, geographical distances are too vast for small firms due to high barriers to entry, while the immature business and legal climate on all sides involved does not allow for logistics yet to be breached. Tatyana Mitrova - Vital Challenges for Russia: As Tatyana Mitrova, Head of World Energy Markets Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Head of Global Energy at Skolkovo, sees, there are three interlinked challenges for Russia. As mentioned, Russia must tackle its investment climate from its own side to ...


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