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Coronavirus Reveals Cracks in European Unity

..., one can expect more from the entity that regulates the shape of cucumbers and the lamination of light bulbs. Yet, in the event of a global pandemic, the EU relegates responsibility to local or regional administrations. While federal states such as Germany have been just as slow to react, leaving the organizational responsibility with local governments (and only recently nationalizing the purchase of medical equipment), other more unitary states such as France have been quicker to react. Even the ...


A Pragmatic View on Migration

... that pragmatism should be the top priority, there can be no other opinion. But pragmatism and other considerations are not entirely incompatible, since moral and ethical considerations can be built into the pragmatic considerations. Let us take the migration crisis in Germany as an example. Having taken in refugees, the Germans seemed to have been acting in accordance with some moral imperatives: people need help, etc. However, there was also a rational pragmatic idea: solving the demographic problem. Germany has a ...


Germany Opens its Doors to Refugees, but only Syrians are Welcome

... danger or conflict, and usually with a low level of education: so, it is a situation diametrically opposite to that opted by Germany. Therefore, here comes again the problem of the multi-speed European Union, and it emerges over the EU’s biggest ... ... Juncker, the number of refugees may not be a problem for the EU, which has the capacity and experience to deal with the current migration crisis. Moreover, he added that the Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon and Jordan are embracing millions of refugees....


Aleichem shalom, or Where Jews Feel at Home

... and significant contribution be made in reinforcing and stabilizing Jewish life in Germany” (Guido Westerwelle), or as a “symbol of the high trust that Jews place in the country that tried to destroy [them]” ( Claudia Roth ). Jewish migration to Germany has always enjoyed special status due to, for one thing, its nature (historically boasting numerous academics, doctors, engineers, musicians, economists, and lawyers) as well as its legal grounds. Jewish migrants were welcomed into Germany through ...


German non-profit organizations to help migrants

... acquired a more systemic nature. The establishment in 2005 of the Federal Agency on Migration and Refugees which took upon the main functions of migration policy implementation has also played a significant role. In conformity with the new Law on Immigration Germany officially acknowledged its “immigration country” status. Starting from 2006 upon the initiative of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel Germany has been annually holding “integration summits” with an active participation of public organizations ...


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