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Conquering the Emptiness: A New Stage in the Militarization of Outer Space

... among its allies. In September 2019, France established, as part of its air force, a Space Command with a higher status than before, and in October 2020, NATO announced the creation of a space centre at Allied Air Command in the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is planning to establish its own Space Command in 2022 , and even the “pacifist” Japan announced the launch of a new “Space Operations Squadron” to "protect Japanese satellites." Undoubtedly, ...


A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... recognising borders deriving from a common memory, history, culture and language”. It is therefore important to create strategic alliances, alliances of proximity, and overcome ideologies by leaving propaganda behind. One answer – which would be in Germany’s interest in particular, but also in the EU’s – is the peaceful integration of Russia by creating a great pan-European space, while at the same time taking advantage of China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) as a link encompassing the ...


Germany’s Diplomacy hit the Ground Running

... conflicts. Mass’ proactive diplomatic deeds enabled brokering a deal amongst conflicting parties in Libya, he was the one, who stabbed to disqualify trump’s America First ideal. Despite Washington’s enormous pressure in different realms, Mass’ Germany was able to pursue constructing Nordstream2 pipeline one of Putin’s supreme project. He tirelessly struggled making Athens give up claiming war booty caused by Hitler throughout the Second World War, and the list goes on adhering to his or Berlin’s ...


German Companies and China’s Marketplace Nightmare

... a position to make decision of his/her own irrespective to the guidance of the government or other individual or group of individuals. Come hell or high water in the aftermath of dictatorial and Kleptocratic regime led by Adolf Hitler, Americans in Germany also promoted American values. Germany adopted a new constitution; beginning with Human dignity is inviolable. It is the duty of all state authorities to respect it. The German people are therefore, committed to inviolable and inalienable rights ...


The Reality Is that the Market Has Said “No” to Nuclear and "Yes” to Renewables

... cooperation between states, not least because we will need to substantially upgrade interconnecting grids to share electrical power. With these interconnecting grids, will also come greater cultural, political, societal interconnection. When the wind blows in Germany and not in Georgia then, via interconnectors, it would be possible to shift power from one place to the other. The same is true of the sun. If the sun shines in the south of France and not in Vladivostok, it will be possible to transfer power ...


Back to the future: German industrial Ordnungspolitik

... integration of East German industry as part of German reunification in the 1990s). Under the pretext of counteracting climate change and the Corona crisis, the policymakers in Berlin and Brussels are increasingly deviating from this model of success.Germany must return to the model of horizontal industrial policy, which is based on four basic principles: (1) Identifying market opportunities is the task of competing companies; (2) the state must create a transparent, business-friendly, and reliable ...


Multilateralism Needs Reinventing, Not Resurrecting

... the world towards a new multilateralism. They are too used to asymmetrical interdependence and they are tempted to use their comparative advantages in the format of bilateral relations with their relatively smaller and weaker partners. Countries like Germany, which have already accumulated a lot of experience in various formats of multilateralism, might be in a better position to pioneer new multilateral models. This is why the ongoing German discourse on multilateralism is particularly important ...


DGAP Russia Strategy Group Meeting on Prospects for Russia-the U.S. Relations

On November 24, 2020, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) held a regular Russia Strategy Group meeting focusing on the prospects for Russia-the U.S. relations following the presidential elections in the United States. On November 24, 2020, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) held a regular Russia Strategy Group meeting focusing on the prospects for Russia-the U.S. relations following the presidential elections in the United States. The meeting was attended by government officials...


Building Europe’s Future

Open Lecture for HSE University students, November 18, 2020 On November 18, 2020, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation Géza Andreas von Geyr was giving an open lecture at HSE University. What is the place and role of the European Union in the modern world? How is the European integration project developing, and what role does Germany ...


RECP, START and Germany´s Indo-Pacific Strategy

... Asia-Pacific. Under Trump the Indo- Pacific strategy pronounced an economic decoupling and containment strategy against China. The German Indo-Pacific strategy pronounces that decoupling and containment and confrontation with China was not desirable. Germany had to see that Asia is the new center of world politics and the world economy and that Germany had to realize this. Germany should reduce its dependence from China, diversify its economic and political relations and focus on the ASEAN which were ...


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