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Merkel’s Legacy, as Seen From Russia

... sixteen years as German chancellor have shaped Berlin’s place and role in Europe and in the twenty-first-century world at large. Her legacy will live on long after she steps down from the leadership. While firmly embedded within the European Union, Germany has essentially become its sole, though by no means, absolute leader. It is a peaceful champion of a soft European version of liberalism. Vocal support for values does not, however, translate into interventionism. Nor does it prevent Germany from ...


The Rail Baltica: A Thorny Path Towards a United Railway System in the Baltics

... Baltic states with the rest of the EU. For freight traffic, it may help to increase the capacity of the rail network and develop trade within the Baltics and with other European countries. For passengers, it will reduce the journey time to Poland and Germany. For the environment, it is planned to reduce the volume of the road traffic, which will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 emissions in the region. But will this project be feasible enough to be called a successful and sustainable endeavor?...


Robert Bosch Academy Forum on Germany’s Federal Election

On September 1, 2021, Robert Bosch Academy, Germany, held a digital international expert forum on the course of Bundestag election campaign, Germany going to the polls on September 26 On September 1, 2021, Robert Bosch Academy, Germany, held a digital international expert forum on the course ...


RIAC at Dialog-Europe-Russia Advisory Board Meeting

The meeting agenda covers the latest international events affecting relations between Russia and the European Union, and the prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields On August 27–29, 2021, Salzburg (Austria) is hosting a regular hybrid meeting of DER-Dialog-Europe-Russia Advisory Board, that meets twice a year under Wolfgang Schüssel, former Federal Chancellor of Austria (2000–2007). The Russian side is represented by a group of RIAC members and experts, including...


Without roots, no future. Germans and Russians – Decoupling ideologies

... that need to be uncovered for its roots to be revealed—as there is no future without roots. Thus, it is necessary to decouple from all ideas and ideologies that have long determined political activity around the world. Let us start with Russia and Germany, since their destinies are forever linked; historically, culturally and geopolitically. “I have sympathy toward the German people; my ancestors came to Russia from Westphalia under Peter the Great. Great nations can stay dormant for some time,...


EU Policy towards Ukraine: Room for Improvement

... actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine (Schmidt, 2016). A single unified EU policy does not exist as each country pursues its own foreign policy interests. The peace talks held under the “Normandy” format have not been led by the EU, but France and Germany have instead taken the reign. Despite the fact that the EU has imposed sanctions on Russia in the aftermath of Crimea changing its jurisdiction in 2014, they have not been without their criticisms from some of the member states. Italy certainly ...


The End of a Belle Époque: Stability and Risks in Germany’s Elections

We can talk about the firm intention of the ruling party to maintain the leadership and course of the outgoing chancellor On September 26, 2021, Angela Merkel’s 16-year tenure as Federal Chancellor of Germany will end. Protracted periods of stability, even positive stability, as a rule lead to a decrease in domestic political activity: players get used to an adaptive strategy, lose their ability to manoeuvre tenaciously, and at a turning point cannot ...


Conquering the Emptiness: A New Stage in the Militarization of Outer Space

... among its allies. In September 2019, France established, as part of its air force, a Space Command with a higher status than before, and in October 2020, NATO announced the creation of a space centre at Allied Air Command in the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is planning to establish its own Space Command in 2022 , and even the “pacifist” Japan announced the launch of a new “Space Operations Squadron” to "protect Japanese satellites." Undoubtedly, ...


A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... recognising borders deriving from a common memory, history, culture and language”. It is therefore important to create strategic alliances, alliances of proximity, and overcome ideologies by leaving propaganda behind. One answer – which would be in Germany’s interest in particular, but also in the EU’s – is the peaceful integration of Russia by creating a great pan-European space, while at the same time taking advantage of China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) as a link encompassing the ...


Germany’s Diplomacy hit the Ground Running

... conflicts. Mass’ proactive diplomatic deeds enabled brokering a deal amongst conflicting parties in Libya, he was the one, who stabbed to disqualify trump’s America First ideal. Despite Washington’s enormous pressure in different realms, Mass’ Germany was able to pursue constructing Nordstream2 pipeline one of Putin’s supreme project. He tirelessly struggled making Athens give up claiming war booty caused by Hitler throughout the Second World War, and the list goes on adhering to his or Berlin’s ...


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