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Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... countries like Russia or China might be emboldened." Against this backdrop, some German politicians are urging the government to seek closer ties with Moscow and Beijing - two authoritarian powers whose values diverge from the liberal democracy that Germany has built in the seven decades since it rose from the ashes of World War Two with American help. Chancellor Angela Merkel, a strong believer in the transatlantic relationship, has resisted. It's also no secret that French President Emmanuel Macron wants a Grand Army of the EU and a single EU Finance Minister to further integration of the EU into the United ...


The Queen’s Last Ball?

... perseverance in getting the event to happen, as well as to Wolfgang Ischinger for his political integrity in giving the Russian side such an opportunity. However, perhaps the most impressive speech was given by the host of the conference, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Merkel was the true queen of the Munich ball; there was even chatter on the side-lines of the event to the effect that it was the best speech of her long political career. That, of course, is open to argument. I remember another rousing ...


Operation “Successor.” What Should Germany and Russia Expect from the New Leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany?

... similarities in the political styles of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Angela Merkel, there are some serious differences. Kramp-Karrenbauer is in a position to build a more traditional image for the conservatives. Her background (she was born in West Germany, and Angela Merkel was born in German Democratic Republic), profound religiousness and commitment to family values definitely work in her favour here. Kramp-Karrenbauer has not always supported the positions of the former chancellor. For example, she was sceptical ...


Looking at Tiananmen Square through the Brandenburg Gate

... administration. Nor is it Mexico or Canada: even Trump is unable to turn the tables on the United States’ relations with its closest neighbours so rapidly and radically. With the exception of Iran, Syria, Cuba and the other habitual targets of U.S. attacks, Germany and China have the most reason to be unhappy with the current U.S. policy. Liana Fix: The Times for a Special Relationship Between Germany and Russia Are Over Trump has been applying particularly strong pressure on Berlin and Beijing; the two ...


My Wish List for the Bundeskanzleramt

A new government in Berlin is always a new opportunity — not only for Germany itself, but also for its international partners, Russia including I understand the fundamentals. Russia lost Germany back in 2014 or even earlier. Seventy-three years after the end of WW2 and twenty-eight years after the reunification, the new ...


Merkel Ist Kaputt: Germany’s Crisis is Britain’s Opportunity

'Stability' may ring sweetly, but in the EU's case, it has become a synonym of 'stagnation'. What the EU needs at this point is leadership Germany today is at a crossroads, divided, uncertain. Christian Lindner, Chairman of the Free Democratic Party, has walked away from coalition negotiations, leaving Merkel in political limbo. Whether the Social Democrats will again agree to a 'Grand ...


German Elections Are over but the Suspense Is Still on

... Germany is most likely in for a black-yellow-green coalition (CDU/CSU, FDP and the Greens). There is no way of telling what kind of program they will generate or how they will share the departmental portfolios. There is only one thing for sure so far — Angela Merkel will retain the office of the Chancellor. Vladislav Belov: Germany: Elections Over, Uncertainty Remains The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs traditionally goes to the minors in the coalition, which means the Greens may have it. So far, Cem Özdemir hardly seems fit for this office, especially considering two ...


A right-wing party in the new German government

... bluntly regarding the high export surplus of Germany. Infamous for his attacks, the Donald included some true word within his rumbling. The export surplus of Germany is respectable – and it hurts the United States as well as other countries and foremost Germany’s European partner countries. Angela Merkel often is perceived as the Chancellor or Economy, particularly for the automotive industry, and the whole economic engine Germany is running smoothly. But the close relation to the economy and the panic-fuelled “angst” of the loss of ...


Germany: Elections Over, Uncertainty Remains

... Germany (AfD) — 12.6 per cent (94); the Left Party — 9.2 per cent; the Free Democratic Party — 10.7 per cent (80); Alliance 90/The Greens — 8.9 per cent (67); and other parties — 5.1 per cent [1] . For the first time in the history of unified Germany, the Bundestag will include seven parties and six factions, with a total of 709 seats. Despite major losses, the Christian Democratic Union and their Bavarian partners led by Angela Merkel emerged as formal winners, although the real winners are the AfD, which almost tripled its results from 2013 (4.7 per cent), and the Free Democratic Party, which returned to the lower house of the federal parliament with surprisingly high ...


Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies

... several years, Berlin has been officially criticising Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation, which, Germany believes, has intensified its activity in the country, operating through religious foundations, mosques, imams, and parishioners. Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a statement to the effect that the number of imams coming to Germany from Turkey has grown noticeably in recent years, which necessitates closer monitoring of mosques and various religious organisations involving natives of Turkey . The crisis in Turkish-German relations is also affecting Germany's so-called hinterland,...


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