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Weimar 2.0 and Russia

The EU/Germany are now on the side of democracy and social justice, and the Anglo-Americans throw themselves and all the rest into the dark Hobbesian world of the period between two wars. How should Russia position herself in this context? Power is always ...


The World After the INF Treaty: Time to Let European Leaders in on the Game?

... security than it did at the beginning of the century. And the bilateral dialogue on nuclear issues between the United States and Russia is extremely difficult at best, and, at worst, in a state of limbo for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, France and the United Kingdom are still nuclear powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council. And Germany has been a non-permanent member since the beginning of 2019. Maybe it is time for European leaders to show the same kind of political will and imagination in the nuclear sphere that they demonstrated in 2003. Andrey Kortunov: The World After ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... Scenarios 1. Regardless of the resolution of the post-Yugoslav heritage problems, formation of a permanent "Balkan Council" is a top priority. It would include representatives of Russia, the US, Great Britain, Turkey, France, Italy, Slovenia and Germany as international observers, with mediation on the part of the EU and the UN, and also envoys of all the Western Balkan countries. The logical way to give life to this format is to reframe and accelerate the work of the Regional Cooperation Council ...


Turkey vs. the EU: Still arguing? Russians Are Coming…

... Germany’s Die Welt ; he was also charged with supporting terrorism. For more than a year, Ankara essentially ignored talks with Germany concerning the journalist’s possible release from jail and dismissed the charges only after the German government “greenlighted” ... ... with the European Union’s common trade policy, but it may not participate in decision-making processes. For instance, the United Kingdom initiated Brexit and is in talks with Brussels on the future economic development. Even though economic relations ...


Merkel Ist Kaputt: Germany’s Crisis is Britain’s Opportunity

... states which seek to “undermine” “free societies.” Theresa May is falling back on a refrain that has defined much of the United Kingdom’s foreign policy for the last two centuries. Lord Palmerston’s Britain stood as the cradle of liberalism, defending ... ... May could once again unite Europe around the British flag. Britain’s old policy tools can still prove sharp. Britain can use Germany’s weakness to carve itself a better Brexit deal. Brussels without Berlin today is pretty much impotent. Punishing Britain ...


The Munich conspiracy and peace in our time

... diplomat. Before being appointed ambassador to the EU in 2005, he was Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, the expression goes. On 29 September 1938 Great Britain, France, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy made a deal to partition Czechoslovakia, in what politely became known as the Munich agreement. Faced with insurmountable Franco-British diplomatic pressure Prague was forced to give in to the German ultimatum, effectively committing ...


The Obsolete Legacy of Antarctica

... and 42°E, and in 1955 also set up a special administrative entity – the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. Germany that in 1939 declared the creation of New Swabia between longitudes 10°W and 20°E. Norway that in 1927-1929 proclaimed ... ...., Godfrey J.S. Regional Oceanography: An Introduction. N.Y.: Pergamon, 1994. 5 . Claims have been made by Argentina and the United Kingdom (the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands) as well as Argentina and Chile (islands of the ...


Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a New Bretton Woods?

It has recently been reported that France, Germany and Britain are joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a major Chinese initiative launched in 2013, which now incorporates 32 states, five of them in Europe, plus New Zealand. Russia is so far outside the process, which complicates ...


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