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Does Tajikistan Have a Choice Amid Anti-Russian Sanctions?

... Tajikistan’s strained relations with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan’s SCO membership, and the prospects of integrating Tajikistan in the Eurasian Economic Union. Bilateral Russia–Tajikistan relations were also filled with many important projects in trade, energy, migration, and security. These projects and issues continued to develop independently from the Ukrainian conflict, being kept as topics for discussion in Russia and Tajikistan’s bilateral agenda, even after the exacerbation of Russia’s relations with ...


9th Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles: Outcomes in 2022

... America (whether at the time of John F. Kennedy or George H. Bush). The U.S. lost initiative in the region during Donald Trump’s presidency, with Joe Biden now striving to respond to the principal challenges of development: post-pandemic recovery, migration and security, digitization, rebounding investment, the “green” agenda. Many elements in the new initiative are not yet entirely clear. The White House has noticeably been preparing these proposals “in haste,” without elaborating every ...


Engaging Morocco: A Chess Game Spain Does Not Want to Lose

... addition to the positive aspects of trade relations, economic complementarity and cooperation in the fight against terrorism, there are also problematic aspects: territorial claims over Spanish possessions in Africa, maritime delimitation issues and immigration. Morocco’s rejection of the principle of Uti possidetis juris , seeking to change the borders inherited from colonialism, has brought conflict to its relations with its neighbors. With Spain, this is evident in events such as the Ifni War ...


International Migration and Human Capital in the Context of COVID-19 Conference

On December 18, 2020, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), together with RANEPA Center for Sociological Research and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), held the 4th International Conference on Migration "International Migration and Human Capital in the Context of COVID-19" On December 18, 2020, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), together with RANEPA Center for Sociological Research and the International Committee of the ...


After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean

RIAC and ISPI Joint Report RIAC and ISPI Joint Report This Report brings together experts and scholars in an effort to ponder on possible post-pandemic trends in the Southern Mediterranean. The aim is to help readers navigate the future of the Southern Mediterranean region, by offering new insights and guidance to regional and non-regional governments, civil society, and the public at large. After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean , 1.2 Mb


Coronavirus Reveals Cracks in European Unity

One should expect slightly more from the kind of entity that usually regulates the shape of cucumbers and the lamination of light bulbs The European unity and solidarity stand at the precipice now: how can the members trust in each other in times of a greater peril when even during a global epidemic help is forsaken? How to convince Spain to commit to Poland’s protection from Russia, or prevent Italy from deepening its ties with China via the Belt and Road Initiative? The EU appears to be a house...


Challenges to International Stability in 2020–2025

Crisis of the state system, Economic and financial disorder, the rise of non-state actors, climate change, migrations, decline of international institutions 1. Crisis of the state system. In coming years, we are likely to see a continuous crisis of the traditional state system, particularly in such places as the MENA region, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia ...


Ian Bond: EU Is Always Open to Dialogue with Russia, but It All Depends on the Terms

... become of that safe-zone? If Turkey starts to return refugees against the advice or will of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), that could be extremely problematic and make it very difficult for the EU to continue cooperating with Turkey on migration and refugee issues. So there will be a lot of concern about that and the regional destabilization it might cause. And, of course, issues will arise concerning many former Islamic State fighters and their families in the areas currently controlled ...


How Migration Affects Human Capital

Interview with the four leading experts on migration studies On September 26–27, 2019, the 5 th International Conference “Migration, Displacement, and Urban Development” was held in Moscow. The event was organized by Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Centre for Political Theory ...


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