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Syrian Surprises

The Mutating Inter-Relations among the Key Actors in the Syrian Conflict: Russia, the United States, Turkey, Iran and Israel The Syrian crisis continues to bring new surprises. Analysts are becoming increasingly concerned with the “mutating” configuration of relations among the global and regional actors, driven primarily by the developments in Idlib Governorate....


EAEU and Eurasia: Monitoring and Analysis of Direct Investments 2017

According to the new findings of the ongoing research project, Asian investors continue to increase direct investments in the EAEU. During the monitoring period (2008–2016), FDI stock originating from 12 Asian countries (China, Japan, Turkey, India, Israel, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Singapore, and Vietnam) has increased from $32 billion in 2008 to $75.6 billion in the beginning of 2017. China continues to expand its economic presence in EAEU countries and other CIS ...


India-Iran ties: The key challenges

... Alliance of GCC and Israel It is not just the US policy which India has to contend with it is the alliance between GCC countries and Israel. While Saudi Arabia has remained at loggerheads with Israel, recently both are part of the Anti-Iran alliance. Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia along with its GCC partners countries demanded at the Munich Security Conference, that Tehran is punished for propping up the Syrian government, developing ballistic missiles and funding separatists in Yemen. Saudi Foreign Minister ...


Is the Eastern Mediterranean a New Competitor for Russia on the European Gas Markets?

... meetings were held between the Republic of Cyprus, Egypt and Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, Israel and Greece . Incidentally, on July 22, 2016, information appeared that the Cypriot authorities had revoked permission to construct a pipeline from Israel to Turkey . Stratfor Active cooperation between Turkey and Israel had virtually stopped after the incident with the Turkish Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010, when Israel’s military raided a Turkish ship as it attempted to breach the blockade of Gaza....


“Ankara–Tel Aviv” Orient Express: Course Set for Rapprochement?

... events in Syria and the Middle East played a key role in defining a new foreign policy, not only for countries directly connected with the region, but also for the non-regional players, primarily the West, Russia, and the United States. In this context, Turkey and Israel are countries that are involved in the conflict to some extent, and their domestic political situation depends directly on foreign policy decisions. Thus, both sides have gradually come to realize that looking for common ground is a necessity. ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... bastion of Western democracy in the Middle East, the public and government are becoming increasingly okay with the erosion of democratic values and a deeply undemocratic military occupation of the West Bank as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stifles Israel’s left and drives its people further to the right. The assault on democratic norms in Turkey by its government is far worse. Still worse in that region, the Arab Spring has, in general, become a massive tragedy. Archive Additionally, democracy by no means appears stable or secure overall in either Sub-Saharan Africa or in Latin America....


The Strategic Partnership between Turkey and Israel

... vol 8, p 1131. 2 . “Aspects of Turkish foreign policy in relation to the post-Soviet countries”, ORSAM Report 27, November 2012, p 10. 3 . “Netanyahu says Syria was main reason for apology”, Yedioth Ahronoth , 24.03.2013. 4 . Turkey: Israel meeting us halfway”, MIGnews , 23.03.2013.


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

“Close your eyes and you’re not sure if it’s an Israeli or a Saudi speaking.” That’s what Daniel Levy, Middle East director at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), told The New York Times in an article dated March 31st. The ECFR, which has called for a greater role for Al ...


Proliferation And The Psychopathology of Prohibition

... proxy governments who engage in WMD commerce to use it as a bargaining chip for other objectives. In spite of four Nobel Peace Prizes (Bunche, Arafat, Rabin, Peres), one of the big drivers of terrorism continues to be the destruction of the State of Israel. Libya and Palestine are cases where opportunistic leaders have helped drive that issue. While Washington spent around $3 trillion on its decade long war in Iraq the four decade presence of Moammar Gaddafi and Yassir Arafat on the world scene has ...


The Oxymoronic Déjà Vu of Humanitarian Bombing in Syria

In light of the recent developments in Syria and the apparently imminent US military intervention, the blog will take a short break from its relatively academic style and its thematic focus in order to brainstorm and share some thoughts on the broader picture of what is happening in the geopolitical arena of the region. Dangerous Double Standards Bashar al-Assad has reportedly used chemical weapons to attack, essentially, his own people. The first, logically obvious question is why would Assad essentially...


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