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How China and India Can Keep the Peace in Ukraine

... professional. In the case of India, in particular, there is conspicuous historical sympathy among both Russians and Ukrainians for the Indians, many of whom were educated in the engineering and science faculties of the former Soviet Union. What should be the mandate ... ... is unlikely to be able to deliver any meaningful sanctions relief for the foreseeable future. Back to Asia, and perhaps with China now clearly in the lead. A critical, underappreciated part of any global deal to stop the fighting in, and more generally ...


Revolution in Drone Affairs

... Operations Command (SOCOM) is hosting a ThunderDrone contest this month for drone buffs to simulate every possible battle scenario.   Drone hobbyists and DIY buffs are driving the drone evolution in the US, reflecting a global bottom-up process which India can co-opt for the latest ideas and innovation. Emulating China’s sprawling drone production complex, on the other hand, is futile as the sector thrives on a symbiotic industrial ecosystem that churns out a host of smart devices for a variety of industries. This is a reason why smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi ...


Space Platform for BRICS Cooperation

... Armament Development Department of the Central Military Commission, in 2016. Right after the Sino-Soviet split China submerged into deploying a full-fledged space program to have ever-lasting consequences. Before moving to the “S&T” priority (like India) China set a prominent margin: today it possesses four space launch facilities (Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang) and Wenchang Satellite Launch Centrefinally constructed on Hainan Island in 2016 — these serving as the bases for launching satellites into all-level ...


BRICS: Will the Future be Brighter?

... development within BRICS in such key areas of interaction as policy and security, economy, trade and investment, agriculture, science and innovation, education, health, culture, etc. has passed. The first summit of the heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) was held on the initiative of Russia in 2009 in Yekaterinburg. The format was considered successful, and summit meetings became annual. In 2011, the most economically developed state of Africa, South Africa, became an official member of the ...


Indo-U.S. Axis and Major Powers

... economically intertwined. Russia depends on Indian defence spending largesse that promises an investment of US$ 100 billion in nuclear industry sector alone. Owing to this, New Delhi exercises substantial leverage over Moscow’s foreign policy.    China and Russia have exercised pragmatism in dealing with Indo-U.S. Axis and made India member of SCO in perhaps a hope that India may revert to its so-called policy of non-alignment.Pakistan believes that the simultaneous inclusion of Pakistan and India in SCO would help in bringing the two countries on the same table and in reducing ...


Solution to a Himalayan Standoff: Formalize the India-China Border

While the media is abuzz with various analyses on how the current India-China military standoff in the Doklam bowl may pan out, they generally miss the larger issue at stake: namely the need for a permanent border resolution between both nations. Any temporary resolution over the 89-square kilometre yak-grazing ground claimed ...


It's economics, stupid!

... of the power sector. However, the most important question, is not whether green power generation is possible, but whether it is possible where it is needed the most. For this reason, it is still interesting to concentrate on the Asian region, whose China and India account for most of the world’s emissions. Thus, in both of these developing economies increasing shift to renewables indeed can become a real game-changer helping resolve a triple challenge in meeting growing demand for electricity. First of ...


Where Is BRICS Headed? On the Results of the Goa Summit

... by Russia, preceded the summit and they will also follow it; all in all, they will be held in over 30 areas . Particular mention should be made of the BRICS Think Tank Council (BTTC) which brings together BRICS strategic centers in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Expert recommendations drafted at the scheduled meeting of the Goa BRICS Academic Forum in September were brought to the attention of the heads of state. What changes did take place in a little over a year between Russia’s ...


After Paris: Countries’ Paths into the Low-Carbon Future

... Paris Mismatches. The Impact of the COP21 Climate Change Negotiations on the Oil and Gas Industries .” Chatham House Research Paper, August 2016. In December 2015 in Paris, a new climate agreement was signed replacing the Kyoto Protocol. The US, China, India, and the EU have already ratified it, and on November 4, 2016, the Paris Agreement will come into force. The document declares the goal of “holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre–industrial levels ...


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