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Soleimani’s Assassination Is More than a Crime

... time and no political will around to put together a regional collective security system, one should at least think about a regional crisis management mechanism involving Iran and key neighboring Arab starts. Concerned overseas powers – like Russia, China, India, and EU – could assist in building this mechanism working with their respective regional partners. We should regard the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani as a wakeup call, not as a trumpet of the approaching Armageddon. First published ...


Will Russia Return to Europe?

... already has aggregate scientific-technological potential that, for all practical intents and purposes, has, with the exception of China, no real match in Asia for the foreseeable future. Even more importantly, Europe is genuinely interested in Russia’s technological ... ... role of a bona fide ‘power centre’ of global rank. And yet in the exclusive company of the rising giants of Asia (China and India), which significantly outpace Russia in economic growth, Moscow would inevitably soon find itself in the arrière-plan ...


RIAC at Track II High Level Paris Meeting on Security Issues in the Middle East Region

... international political consultancy The Shaikh Group is holding a high-level Track II meeting on security issues in the Middle East region. The meeting is attended by former high-ranking diplomats and leading international experts from the United States, China, India, and a number of European countries. The aim of the discussion is comparative analysis of the perceptions of great powers on the general dynamics of development in the Middle East, most significant challenges and threats emanating from the region,...


Does Coal Have a Future?

... marketplaces. In this regard, it is surprising how little has been done within the European Union to minimize the risks linked to coal consumption. Poland , one of Europe’s... ... would exceeds the potential risks. RIAC and Gateway House Policy Brief “Russia – India Energy Cooperation: Trade, Joint Projects, and New Areas” Leading asset management... ... gas will become key to fighting climate change. The Growing Demand for Coal in Asia China is the world’s largest producer of coal. It also accounts for over half of global...


Putin’s Brave New World

... future. Third, Russian foreign policy will be inextricably linked to the goals and needs of the country’s domestic development in terms of its social, economic and technological spheres. All of the major international players, including the US, EU, China and India, currently have domestic development as their ultimate priority, and Russia is no exception. There are very active and sometimes emotional discussions inside the country about the future of the national economy, and the range of opinions is very ...


Travelling into the Past and Back

... many centuries. Meanwhile, Asia, which has many more political contentions and far fewer mechanisms for resolving them, is concerned mostly with economic development and prosperity. The rich potential of joint growth of Asian countries – from India to Japan and from China to Indonesia – is the subject of a study done by Timofei Bordachev, Anastasia Likhacheva and Zhang Xin. China’s strategy of turning from a “big state to a strong one” is discussed in Igor Denisov’s article. The author ...


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