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A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... between the “ideology of the liberal world” and the “moral ideology”. Oblast Kaliningrad-Königsberg: at the heart of German-Russian cooperation The BRI is a spatial security device that can be used as a means of strategic cooperation between Germany, Europe, Russia and China. Although the BRI is, according to China, a “geostrategic-military” initiative, since it combines civilian and military interests under the topic of “security”, it is a vehicle that conceptually encompasses the intertwined interests of political ...


Germany’s Diplomacy hit the Ground Running

... and atomic warheads Germany has none. With the exception of China, India enjoys very good relationship with all permanent members of the UNSC, who could support India ingress in the club, but still India is estranged and alienated. On the contrary, Germany’s aspiration of becoming permanent member could not be supported even by France the closest and strategic ally of the country let alone China and Russia. Albeit Heiko Mass has desperately tried enough in past two years, while holding a non-permanent seat at UNSC to convince the permanent members of the Security Council letting Berlin, join the club, down the road he faced disillusion. According ...


Multilateralism Needs Reinventing, Not Resurrecting

... might still be the best option for humankind that we can count on for the nearest future. Big powers like the United States, China or Russia are not likely to lead the world towards a new multilateralism. They are too used to asymmetrical interdependence and they ... ... comparative advantages in the format of bilateral relations with their relatively smaller and weaker partners. Countries like Germany, which have already accumulated a lot of experience in various formats of multilateralism, might be in a better position ...


How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... Greater Middle East and Europe, as Trump has already done Syria and in arms spending and NATO. 2) Neutrality. maybe in the senes of a strategic balancing – the question is to what extent this would be accepted or not sanctioned by the United States, Russia and China 3) Going to war against the United States – totally unthinkable at the moment. Therefore, only the first two options remain, especially since Germany also has to try to assert its position in the EU and coordinate with the allies, which could also trigger a number of differences within the EU. It is unlikely that the EU will speak with one voice in this case. Whatever is astonishing, how ...


Coronavirus as a Problem of Fathers and Sons

... not yet led to a conflict of fathers and sons, for the simple reason that young people everywhere in the world have their own fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, whose fate is not inconsequential to them – that happens in France, in China, and in Russia. There is no serious conflict between fathers and sons over coronavirus, but there is a generational problem. Of course, in an ideal society, all generations would live in harmony with each other and the problem of choosing priorities in such a ...


RIAC — DGAP Roundtable on Cooperation in Eurasia

... as security risks. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, Milan Nic, Head of the Robert Bosch Centre for Central-Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia at DGAP as well as Cornelius Zimmermann, Senior Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, delivered welcoming remarks. Experts from Russia, the EU and China took part in the round table. The Russian side was represented by diplomats and experts from RIAC and other leading academic institutes, analytical centers and foundations, such as MGIMO, RAS Institute of Europe, RAS Institute of Oriental Studies,...


RIAC at Closed Seminar for Members of the Bundestag and European Parliament

... the European Union On November 16, 2019, in Liebenberg (Brandenburg, Germany), with the assistance of Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), a closed seminar was held for members of the German Bundestag and other parliamentarians from the European Union. The seminar focused on EU political strategy regarding key external partners — Russia, China, and Turkey — in the context of recent elections to the European Parliament and leadership changes in the European External ...


Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... cynic’s version of the golden rule: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Hence, Counter Narco-terrorism Alliance Germany, urges Germany and France not to giving up on the United States because of Trump, rather push for counter balance for both Russia and China otherwise Germany and France would be treated as Ukraine and Laos whom Russia and China conducted.


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... Council" is a top priority. It would include representatives of Russia, the US, Great Britain, Turkey, France, Italy, Slovenia and Germany as international observers, with mediation on the part of the EU and the UN, and also envoys of all the Western Balkan ... ... the work of the Regional Cooperation Council (created 10 years ago on the basis of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe; Russia, the US, and China took part in the deliberations of the Council, with the EU playing the main role). 2. Another scenario is the “Permanent ...


RIAC at 169th Bergedorf Round Table

... China in the changing world order”. The event was attended by major political figures, diplomats, and leading experts on various issues of international relations from the EU and China. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, having an official visit to China, addressed the round table participants. Russia at the round table was represented by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and Mark Entin, RIAC Expert.


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