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Nord Stream 2: Pros and Cons

When Gazprom announced that it was adding two gas pipelines to the Nord Stream project at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2015, few people expected the company to garner so much interest in such a short time. The initiative, which ...


Ukraine’s Energy Future Lies in Good Governance, Not in Diversification

Diversification at any cost is still perceived as a ‘silver bullet’ for Ukraine’s energy security. The country’s dependence on Gazprom is seen as the key challenge for ensuring the country’s national security. However, inefficiency, mismanagement, the selective application of reform packages, and war in its eastern regions are Ukraine’s biggest threats. Settling internal ...


Serbia Becomes Europe

... called upon the region’s business community to improve their ‘economic cooperation’. Vucic will undoubtedly appreciate the opinions and ideas expressed by US Vice President Biden, Deputy Secretary of State Blinken, and Senator McCain. Gazprom Victor Katona: Serbia Becomes Europe If successful, these negotiations could be a starting point for a new stage in Serbia’s EU integration. The Individual Plan envisions Serbia finalizing the demarcation of its borders with its neighbours ...


Travelling into the Past and Back

... the harder it will be for them to accept it as each of them has long been following its own course. Stanislav Pritchin dwells on what Russia can do to attract Central Asia’s interest in the energy sector. In his opinion, the declared changes in Gazprom’s strategy of business operation in Europe should be accompanied by a revision of relations with Central Asian countries which have always been viewed as competitors. Pyotr Stegny writes about the vast opportunities opening up before Turkey ...


Go East and List

Gazprom’s Finance Director Andrey Kruglov announced recently on Russian TV plans for the energy giant to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Technically it would be the first Russian Company to do so, as Oleg Deripaska’s UC RUSAL is structured ...


The Course of South Stream

... to connect the country directly with the European market, bypassing transit countries, primarily Ukraine. The northern part of this system, Nord Stream, is already up and running, albeit with certain restrictions imposed by the European Commission. Gazprom had envisioned the Nord and South streams as becoming a stable infrastructural system in the strategic partnership between Russia (the main supplier) and Europe (the main consumer), without the need for transit countries. But the idea did not ...


Bulgaria’s New Coalition and the Future of South Stream

... of the key issues that outsiders will be watching is the South Stream project, the gas pipeline that is intended to circumvent Ukraine and deliver Russian gas to Italy and Central Europe. Many governments in the region are under pressure both from Gazprom and from the European Commission: the Russian gas giant is pressuring governments to build the pipeline, while the European Commission is trying to convince them to block the project. But for the last few months, they have had a convenient excuse ...


Aurélie BROS: Gazprom in Europe: a Business Doomed to Fail?

The exacerbation of tensions between the EU and Gazprom has led to black-and-white analyses. This makes it difficult to get to grips with Gazprom activities in the European energy market, while several crucial questions are never – or inadequately – raised. Although the constitution of ...


Pyotr Poroshenko’s four problems

... taken because of chronic failure of Ukraine’s Naftogaz to pay. The company is $4.458 billion in arrears on its payment for delivered Russian gas: $1.451 billion for November–December 2013 and $3.007 billion for April–May 2014,” a Gazprom statement read. Moreover, Moscow expects that Ukraine’s intransigence over the gas issue, coupled with the change of personnel at the European Commission (which took an openly anti-Russian position), would speed up the implementation of ...


Getting ready for Arctic oil

... ready to handle the impacts of Arctic energy? Enthusiasm and scepticism Some weeks ago, President Putin announced the first shipment of Arctic oil from the Prirazlomnaya platform. The Prirazlomnaya platform works offshore in the Pechora Sea. Gazprom Neft started production in late December 2013. The stationary installation can drill oil from estimated reserves of 72 million tons. The production target for 2014 is 300,000 tons, with a peak in annual production of six million tons expected ...


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