Aurélie BROS: Gazprom in Europe: a Business Doomed to Fail?

July 2, 2014

The exacerbation of tensions between the EU and Gazprom has led to black-and-white analyses. This makes it difficult to get to grips with Gazprom activities in the European energy market, while several crucial questions are never – or inadequately – raised. Although the constitution of the single EU energy market is still underway and liberalization has not been fully achieved, it is worth taking a closer look at Gazprom’s activities in Europe.


The history of Gazprom, a long-standing economic partner of Europe, is a series of constant adaptations – with varying degrees of success – to both European market conditions and dialogue with all parties involved in the gas business across the continent. For some years now, such adaptation is challenging as it brings into question the former business model established during the Cold War. The major difficulty is that all this occurs at a time when the wider EU-Russia energy dialogue is highly fraught due to severe tensions between the EU and the Russian Federation.

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