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Gazprom Gaining Ground in Europe

... negotiations for several months - Maroš Šefčovič, European Commissioner for Energy was going to reopen the negotiations by autumn, though amid the administrative delays, the visit of the commissioner in October 2016 was called off. Ukraine-Gazprom Arbitration Procedures REUTERS/Gleb Garanich Viktor Katona: Will Ukraine be Gas Self-Sufficient? Unlike Gazprom-EC relations, Naftogaz of Ukraine arbitration procedures against Russia’s Gazprom will be presumably completed without compromise ...


Russia and Turkey: More Than a Rapprochement?

... gas pipeline on hold increased the importance of Nord Stream – 2 as the only new natural gas transit route circumventing Ukraine. However, Nord Stream – 2 was also seen as an acceleratory tool to further liberalize Russian gas market harmonizing ... ... construction of first line. The second line could be used to export Russian gas to Southeast Europe. Nevertheless, due to the fact that Gazprom is conducting talks with European Commission (EC) to construct Nord Stream – 2, one could assert that the pipe game ...


How (Not) to Save Ukraine

... “normal market level” ($4.5 dollars per 100 km, which is several times higher than the ones for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe ), while the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine punished Gazprom for distortion of competition in Ukraine. Gazprom didn’t need any further incentive to speed up the construction of Nord Stream 2 . The prices for gas that Gazprom charged Ukraine were indeed in some cases higher that the pan-European average. However, unauthorized withdrawals of gas in ...


Nord Stream 2: Pros and Cons

... was double this amount). And this is why the Ukrainian establishment continues to demand that the Nord Stream 2 project be banned, as it is not in the interests of Kiev . If Nord Stream 2 comes into being, then gas will continue to be delivered via Ukraine, as Gazprom’s long-term contractual obligations require it to guarantee the stable supply of gas to Central and Eastern European countries. However, gas not intended for Central and Eastern Europe, including that which travels through the Yamal–Europe ...


Ukraine’s Energy Future Lies in Good Governance, Not in Diversification

... fact, virtually all of proposed diversification solutions – both under the Yanukovich and Poroshenko presidencies – have one element in common: an obsessive fixation on diversifying energy imports and shifting away from natural gas from Gazprom. Ukraine has already made several attempts, both successful and not, to find alternative sources of supply by building a physical reverse flow interconnector with Slovakia, mulling the re-gasification terminal option, and even exploring new alternative ...


Pyotr Poroshenko’s four problems

... taken because of chronic failure of Ukraine’s Naftogaz to pay. The company is $4.458 billion in arrears on its payment for delivered Russian gas: $1.451 billion for November–December 2013 and $3.007 billion for April–May 2014,” a Gazprom statement read. Moreover, Moscow expects that Ukraine’s intransigence over the gas issue, coupled with the change of personnel at the European Commission (which took an openly anti-Russian position), would speed up the implementation of the South Stream project and ensure greater support for ...


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