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South Asia 2013–2020: Russia’s Opportunities and Risks

... – humanitarian and environmental issues. Piracy in the Indian Ocean’s northern waters should be taken into account when calculating risks in the area, alongside natural disasters. India. Outlooks Photo: Published forecasts predict that, in the coming 20 years, the Indian economy will grow by 7–7.5 percent annually. Its share in the global GDP is set to rise from 5.4 percent in 2010 to 7.2 percent in 2020. India’s GDP will exceed $ 8 trillion (in 2009 ...


Outlook for the Situation in the Middle East in the Period up until 2020

... direct foreign investment has increased. The key risk factor for Turkey is the considerable role of foreign financial resources. The current account deficit in the balance of payments in 2008 reached US$42 billion against US$1.5 billion in 2002, and forecasts are that it will be around US$60 billion by 2025. This trend against the backdrop of aggravating financial problems in Western countries makes Turkey more vulnerable to any expansion of the world financial and economic crisis. On the other hand,...


Latin America and the Caribbean Development Forecast until 2020

... significantly and depend on structural conditions and the specific issues being addressed. However, both at the national and regional level, there is an impression that modernization requires strategic planning based on the results of long-term development forecasts and supported by the development of special innovation programs or important segments of the national economy [3] . The overall principles for these strategic initiatives have been formulated in one of the recent reports by the UN Economic ...


Global political architecture in 100 years

New leading states or an alternative scenario for future development? What will the political map of the future be like? Often when answering this question experts are making predictions about the future of specific countries: who will be the front runner and who will be left out. A good example of such predictions is the survey of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the results of which appear in Vittoria Puledda’s article published on the website of the Italian “ La Repubblica ” newspaper...


Prospects for the Development of Russian-American relations

Expert Forecast for the Period of 2013-2020 There has been a peculiar pattern in Russian-U.S. relations. Every five or six years, the leaders of both countries solemnly declare the end of the “Cold War”. However, within a short time, the two sides – Moscow and Washington – again find themselves in a state of crisis, be it political or military. For example, Russian and American negotiators started arms control processes anew, but then the cycle of rapprochement/divergence...


Integration of Russia into the Asia-Pacific region (2013-2020 outlook)

... prospects of economic growth in the APR countries when deciding on various development strategies for the Siberian and Far Eastern regions as well as the relevant format for Russia’s involvement in regional economic processes. According to most forecasts, industrial production in the key countries of the region – China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia – will continue to grow during the next decade at rather high rates and the demand for natural resources to ...


Russia’s Relations with the CIS Countries: Outlook for 2020

The 2010s should become a period that defines Russia's destiny for decades to come The CIS may not exist as an entity on the globe, but during the coming decade, we will see a continued buildup of the various separate regions in the former Soviet space, i.e. Eastern Europe (Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine); the South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia plus disconnected Abkhazia and South Ossetia); and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Despite major...


Europe 2020: What's in Store for Integration?

... where the price of an error in governance is growing inexorably – in parallel with our hunger to see into the future. Photo: Политическая карикатура Джеймса Гилрея Sergey Utkin: The future map of Europe Some forecasts aim to change the future and are rendered useless if the powers that be fail to heed them. A negative prediction would push people to take account of the concerns it raises, alter their course of action, and push events along a healthier path....


International Security and the role of the Russian Federation

A forecast to 2020 Since the end of the Cold War, the key threat to humankind’s survival - the probability of a global nuclear war between the United States and Russia - has almost vanished: whether through common sense or by chance, the international community managed to see out this threat. In its place, new threats and challenges have moved to the forefront of the international stage: proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their means of delivery; international terrorism;...


Russia in the Global Economy 2012-2020

Risks and Opportunities to Develop International Competitiveness With this article of Alexander Dynkin, a member of Russian Academy of Science, we begin a new series of forecasts and policy proposals from leading Russian experts on key aspects of Russian foreign policy up to 2020. Risks and Opportunities to Develop International Competitiveness A noticeable drop in the European Union's economic performance in 2012 [1] ...


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