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Only Now Do We See the Real Disintegration of the USSR

The UC Interview Series: Andrey Kortunov In the interview for the The University Consortium Andrey Kortunov , Director of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), shares his analysis of Russia´s relations with its neighbours, EU and China. Interviewer: Marc Friedli is currently a Project Assistant at the European Leadership Network, where he is mainly working on the upcoming 2021 NPT Review Conference. He is a Dual M.A. candidate in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and serves as Alumni Officer for the University ...


The European Vector of Russia’s Foreign Policy: On the Anniversary of Russia’s Accession to the Council of Europe

... law-making. It is only natural that, under such circumstances, the Council of Europe’s agenda is becoming increasingly outdated and archaic. The new subjects, particularly those Moscow is interested in, have a hard time carving a path into the Council of Europe’s agenda. As tensions between Russia and the European Union have grown recently, the Council of Europe has lost what made it so valuable and attractive in the first place, namely, the friendly family atmosphere offered by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe for discussing any and ...


Building Europe’s Future

... role does Germany play in it? How are relations between the EU and Russia today? The event was organized jointly by HSE University and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Moscow as part of the Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union and of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, as well as in the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia. Text of the Lecture Building Europe’s Future Prof Kuzminov, Prof Prostakov, Dear Students, Thanks a lot for the invitation to speak to you today. I regret that, due to the pandemic, I can´t talk to you face to face—but I enjoy that I can ...


Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok: a Puzzling Route to Political Stability in Europe

With the rise of chaos in the world order, Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok could be an antidote to the turmoil The 2008 financial crash, the refugee crisis, climate change and a global pandemiс - all these issues were and still are being tackled by the EU and Russia individually. However, imagine a situation where Russia and the EU could act as one political institution, where the negative impact of those events could undoubtedly be reduced. This article will tackle three questions. Why does the idea of “Europe ...


Russia's Position on the Baltic States: Why We Need Each Other

... large Russian-speaking communities as a fifth column leading to tensions that exist to this day. After a while, problems have accumulated, and Russia's unchanging attitude pushed the three Baltic republics towards the Western institutions: NATO and the European Union. In the midst of these problems, Russia has yet to change its attitude towards the Baltic states. Moscow preferred to talk to the 'old Europe' over the heads of Russia's closest Western neighbors. Russia still expects that Brussels, Berlin and Paris would solve all the problems within the EU and the Baltic states in particular. Such an approach gave Moscow a plausible pretext not to ...


RIAC and Delegation of the EU Seminar “How Can the EU and Russia Improve European Security?”

... Hague, Russian International Affairs Council in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to the Russian Federation and Clingendael Netherlands Institute for International Relations held a seminar on “How Can the EU And Russia Improve European Security”. On July 4–5, 2019, in the Hague, Russian International Affairs Council in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to the Russian Federation and Clingendael Netherlands Institute for International Relations held a seminar on “How Can the EU And Russia Improve European Security”. The discussion focused on the following issues: institutional aspects ...


Security Radar 2019 Presentation Held at RIAC

On April 18, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council hosted the presentation of Security Radar 2019 research, implemented by the Friedrich Ebert ... ... security, as well as a survey in the form of individual interviews with security experts. The two surveys were conducted in seven European countries, including Russia. The text of the report is available here . Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, and ...


Russia and the Council of Europe

... Eurasian, Pacific but also, above all, a European power, which has made a huge contribution to European culture and played a decisive role in its history. On its turn, in the absence of Russia, CoE in many respects loses its “raison d’être”. Without Russia, it will not do anything that the European Union no longer does or does not do in the framework of assistance programs to third European countries that are subject to EU enlargement policies or the Eastern Partnership policy. So, the CoE crisis has a man-made character. Its origins lie in the frank political mistakes made by Europe, the inadequacy of the policy pursued, the misunderstanding ...


Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

... the near abroad in order to pull these countries into its sphere of influence; increasing cooperation and trade with Western Europe; undermining enlargement of the European Union and NATO into the post-Soviet space. It is assumed that Moscow will use “measures short of war” as a tactic.... ... hostile actions of the USSR and spanning a broad range of political, economic, diplomatic, intelligence and military steps. Russia is most likely to put pressure on individual European countries in order to create a crisis and a subsequent window of ...


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