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New Crisis Brings New Opportunities for Chinese Business and Russia

... has little choice but to go for even greater rapprochement with China in the new foreign policy and socio-economic environment. Against this background, Chinese business is perceived as a force capable of bridging the gap with the West for the Russian economy. But is it all so clear-cut? Will these expectations be justified? Let’s find out. Cautiousness of Big Business Ivan Timofeev: Ukrainian Crisis. Who Has the Upper Hand? Amid unprecedented sanctions the West has imposed on Russia, big business ...


The Year 2021: A Series of Macro Records

... 2021 will feature in the economic textbooks as one of the most peculiar in terms of the macroeconomic backdrop observed across the world Given the prominence of base effects in 2021, the longer term question about the growth trajectory of the global economy is whether the crisis period was in fact used as an opportunity to revamp and adapt the economic system to the new realities of the Covid era, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Yaroslav Lissovolik . The year 2021 will feature in the economic ...


A Post-Crisis Kazakhstan: Economic and Social Transformation

... protests The deepening gap between what can be seen as economic successes and the low quality of life that a majority of the population has to endure, coupled with a super-concentration of national wealth in the hands of the elite and a resource-based economy that depends on large international companies and the situation on the world market, seem to have become the principal social and economic preconditions for the powerful protests that gripped Kazakhstan in January 2022. Following a major transformative ...


Modernising India-Russia Ties

... satisfaction. Two-thirds of the joint statement focused on the current multi-faceted bilateral cooperation and how it may be strengthened in the future particularly in the four vital pillars of defence, space, civil nuclear cooperation and energy, and economy. The convening of the first-ever meeting of the defence and foreign ministers under the 2+2 mechanism timed to precede the summit on 6 December, was significant. India has this model of dialogue with only three other countries—the U.S., Japan ...


China’s Energy Crisis

... by generating companies either before the 2011 crisis, or in 2021, which is an important feature of the industry. It is no accident that the energy sector is called a “ shock absorber ” that ensures the relatively sound development of the Chinese economy. When fuel prices fluctuate wildly, state-owned generating companies always suffer financial losses—that is, the more energy they produce, the greater their losses are. Reports of China’s leading generating companies suggest that only Huaneng ...


Dostoevsky’s Economic Cycles

... the economic article written by Fyodor Mikhailovich in “ A Writer’s Diary ”, which was in fact one of Dostoevsky’s last articles on the ways Russia was developing. In this article, Dostoevsky largely anticipates such key topics for the Russian economy as the “turn to the East”, the prioritisation of long-term development guidelines (as an argument in favour of the creation of the Stabilisation Fund in our time), the fight against bureaucracy, the importance of public confidence in the economic ...


EU-Russia in 2030: Alternatives Scenarios

Russia and the EU currently seem to be nowhere near even embarking on a path towards “Cold Partnership”. The EU and Russia will not be able to overcome their fundamental disagreements in the coming decade In November 2020, the EU-Russia Expert Network on Foreign Policy (EUREN), a group of 40 eminent experts from different places in Russia and 14 EU member states, published four scenarios for the future of EU-Russia relations: A “Cold Partnership” in a multipolar world, where Russia and the EU...


The Growth Engines of the Global South

The divergence in growth performance across the global economy was notably affected by the Covid pandemic, as China weathered the crisis notably better thus far compared to most of the developed economies A common platform for economic cooperation across the Global South opens the possibility for the world ...


Tainting IMF's Georgieva: The U.S. Campaign to Tighten the Grip on Bretton Woods Institutions in Its Escalating Competition with China

... Woods Institutions’ Original Sin and BRICS While colonialism seems to be the thing of the past, the sad reality is that inequality between the Global North and the Global South persists. This is happening due to power imbalances inscribed in the world economy and maintained by the developed countries, which claim to have the right and responsibility to set the rules of international trade and finance for the rest of the world. To serve “their own economic interests, quite often at the expense of ...


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