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A Panda and a Bear in the Caribbean

Russia and China in the Latin American Arms Market. Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua At Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) session with Foreign States on January 27, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged those present to seek out new markets, in particular mentioning Latin America. Soon afterwards,...


Cuba-United States: A second wind?

In late December 2014 it was announced that relations between the United States and Cuba had been restored. Both sides agreed on the mutual release of a number of prisoners in U.S. and Cuban jails. There was a breakthrough in the economic sphere too, with U.S. banks allowed to open branches in Cuba and U.S. citizens permitted to send ...


All I want for Christmas is... five answers

... countries agree to raise financing for Adaptation Fund or Green Climate Fund, if there is no chance to bind polluters from developing world to cut their emissions? The logic of relative gains dictates the opposite. 5. And finally: Will the U.S. and Cuba become friends? The recent initiative of President Obama to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and to open an embassy in Havana after more than a half-century of embargo was big news, even if the Cold War is gone. Obama's Realpolitik ...


Economic Diplomacy Boom: Will It Last Long?

... country to force it to abandon its WMD development programs is categorized as economic diplomacy [2] . The use of political pressure to force a country to reduce import restrictions is categorized as foreign economic policy. The American embargo against Cuba illustrates an unsuccessful attempt to use economic sanctions for political purposes. The introduction of countervailing duties by the United States in response to Chinese subsidizing exports of auto parts in 2012 illustrates the use of sanctions ...


Can Russia help save Peronist Argentina from itself?

... Cristina Kirchner lived as students. Before it was rebranded by the Kirchners La Campora was known as Tacquara (the spear) and its leaders included Mario Firmenich, who was from a good family and led the large Montonero organization. Firmenich escaped to Cuba during the “Dirty War” and was friendly with Fidel and Raul Castro. He later returned to Argentina as a hero and in 2007, and in an effort to conceal public information about his past, his WikiPedia entry was been removed. Maxi Kirchner ...


US - Cuba: a Wary Drift towards One Another

While the US-Cuban relations under Fidel Castro were never smooth or encouraging, decision-makers from both countries have shown credible interest in beginning possible cooperation or at the very least the process of normalisation. With the end of the Cold War, this ...


From Das Kapital To Human Capital... Cuba's Doctor Diplomacy Pays Big Dividends For Now

... But in November of 1956, Fidel Castro, his brother Raul, the Argentine “Che” Guevara and around 80 others set off from Mexico in the Granma, a boat they bought from a gun runner with funds raised in Florida, USA, to make a revolution in Cuba. It took around two years after Fidel marched triumphantly into Havana for his regime to declare Cuba a socialist nation that sided with Moscow, and only after the Eisenhower administration rejected a meeting with the Cuban leader. As a result of ...


Russian Business in Cuba: from Ideology to Pragmatism

The dramatic slump in the Russia-Cuba economic ties in late 1990s was a severe test for Cuba's survival ability. Russia also suffered substantial losses, including reputational damage, as other Latin American countries grew suspicious of its reliability in conducting business. Recent ...


Global Issues: a View from Cuba

Analytical reports and projects of the Russian International Affairs Council have triggered keen interest in the Cuban foreign policy community. On April 9, Cuban Embassy in Moscow hosted RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev who met Jorge Casals Llano, Pro-Rector of the Higher School on Foreign Relations, and Jose Fernandez del Rio, Cuban Embassy Counselor on Trade ...


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