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Russian-Chinese Economic Cooperation: Opportunities and Obstacles in the New Conditions

... provides new opportunities for Chinese companies. Second, China has the opportunity to obtain significant volumes of Russian raw materials at a discount. Russia will play an important role in diversifying the sources of raw materials for the Chinese economy. Third, China can gradually strengthen its role as a major international financial centre. If the renminbi becomes the key currency of international transactions for Russia, this role of China will inevitably grow. There are several factors that will contribute ...


New Crisis Brings New Opportunities for Chinese Business and Russia

... attempted provocations from Washington. Ambassador Zhang Hanhui merely repeated what is now being extensively talked about on both sides of the Russian-Chinese border, namely that Russia has little choice but to go for even greater rapprochement with China in the new foreign policy and socio-economic environment. Against this background, Chinese business is perceived as a force capable of bridging the gap with the West for the Russian economy. But is it all so clear-cut? Will these expectations be justified? Let’s find out. Cautiousness of Big Business Ivan Timofeev: Ukrainian Crisis. Who Has the Upper Hand? Amid unprecedented sanctions the West has imposed on Russia, big business ...


The Year 2021: A Series of Macro Records

... 10% of GDP, thus effectively increasing the scope for further accumulation of reserves rather than spending them to boost growth. The year 2021 was also emblematic for the degree to which the green/environmental agenda was embraced across the world economy, most notably in all of the main global centres – Europe, the US and China. This was the case in Russia as well, with most of major companies adopting ESG strategies and the authorities committing to achieving net zero emissions target by 2060. The importance of the green agenda for Russia was emphasised on numerous occasions ...


China’s Energy Crisis

... coal prices prior to the pandemic, which allowed generation companies to operate normally. Second, in the era of a “new normalcy,” the spike in industrial power consumption and high export rates required for a large-scale crisis were absent. When China’s economy began to rebound after the coronavirus outbreak, these conditions were finally met. Dynamics of Energy Consumption Growth in China’s Secondary Sector in January–September 2011–2021 Compiled by the author using data from, customs....


The Growth Engines of the Global South

The divergence in growth performance across the global economy was notably affected by the Covid pandemic, as China weathered the crisis notably better thus far compared to most of the developed economies A common platform for economic cooperation across the Global South opens the possibility for the world economy to lower global imbalances via creating a “no ...


Tainting IMF's Georgieva: The U.S. Campaign to Tighten the Grip on Bretton Woods Institutions in Its Escalating Competition with China

... fact that “many in the US Congress want Georgieva out because she is not a sworn enemy of Beijing.” Interestingly, while China’s ranking stayed the same in 2018 as the prior year’s at No. 78, after Ms. Georgieva departed from the World Bank, Beijing ... ... inequality between the Global North and the Global South persists. This is happening due to power imbalances inscribed in the world economy and maintained by the developed countries, which claim to have the right and responsibility to set the rules of international ...


Virtual Conference “Economic Transformations of the Central Asian Region and the Influence of China, Russia, and the U.S.”

October 26-27, 2021 The Journal JEECAR has organized a two-day virtual Conference on Economic Transformations of the Central Asian Region and the Influence of China, Russia, and the U.S. The Conference is administered in cooperation with the Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan, The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), and Webster University in St. Louis, MO, USA. The event will provide an exclusive ...


Beyond Being Friends: Russia and China Need an Exclusive Trade Deal

... launches for ten years. The document was first signed back in 2009. In March, the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation was prolonged , an agreement that has been cementing relations between the two countries for the past 20 years. Economy contrasted with diplomacy Ivan Timofeev: Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership However, despite the long-sustained foreign policy rapprochement, Russia and China are far from fully utilizing their bilateral economic potential. In 2020, according to the Russian Federal Customs Service, China accounted for 15% of Russian exports , slightly more than the CIS (14%), but significantly less than the European ...


US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

....” [ 10 ] Its main message is that 40 years after the establishment of diplomatic relations and deepening engagement of the two countries, Washington has to part with its hopes for China’s democratisation and its conversion into a full-scale market economy. China has not become either of these. It is turning into a threat to the economy, security, values and leadership of the United States. Instead of harbouring illusions about China’s integration into the US-led international community, now the United ...


Assessing the Trend of the Indo-Pacific Strategy

... ministerial dialogues held almost every year. It has broadened its agenda to include issues relating to security, democracy, economy, international order, cyber and infrastructure and so on. In March 2021, it has been upgraded from the ministerial level ... ... Indo-Pacific to form its mechanism framework on the basis of Quad, but to what extent is another question. Anastasia Pyatachkova: China’s Economic Diplomacy Amid Multipolar Disorder NATO in Asia? Much attention has been paid to whether Quad will become ...


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