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Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... myself whether Britain has a serious foreign policy of its own at all. If it has, here is an example: British embassies now promote LGBQT abroad. Whether this makes Britain more popular abroad is a moot point. Apart from that, Britain is vehemently anti-Russian, politically but also emotionally. No more famous stiff upper lip there. More emotional jingoism, as in the Brexit referendum. It’s all about sticking American hair on a weak chest, to appear strong. And what about British-Greek relations? Despite the simpering protestations of well-paid off designer academics in both Britain and Greece, British policy has ...


The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

... building calling for her toppling.Source: Now the West is complaining about Putin meddling in Western elections, the Brexit, portraying Trump as Manchurian candidate of Putin, giving a 40 million Euro credit via an oligarch to the Front National.... ... politicans should take this serious. Of course this is annoying for the West, but on the other side the question is really if Russian interference is the decisive factor for lost elections or referendums and one should not forget the funds for the Russian ...


Ian Bond: EU Is Always Open to Dialogue with Russia, but It All Depends on the Terms

... editorial team recently sat down with Ian Bond , Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform. Bond is an expert in Russia and the former Soviet Union, European foreign policy, as well as Europe/Asia relations and US foreign policy. In this interview,... ... such developments mean for the future of Europe. How do you see the EU without the UK in the near future? What Difference Will Brexit Make to Britain and the EU? Discussion with Ian Bond at RIAC I think politically the UK is a very active player in EU ...


What Difference Will Brexit Make to Britain and the EU? Discussion with Ian Bond at RIAC

... face with respect to independent Scotland? These and other foreign policy issues were reflected at the Ian Bond’s lecture. Brexit also brings inevitable changes in the policy of the European Union, where the UK's contribution to the expansion of the ... ... Q&A session, additions, and comments. Elena Ananyeva, Head of the Center for British Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IE RAS), moderated the discussion. The discussion was attended by experts and researchers from academic ...


Round Table “What Difference Will Brexit Make To Britain And The EU?”

... champions’ in key industries? In the realm of foreign policy, without the UK to act as a transatlantic bridge, will the EU reorient its focus away from co-operation with the US and towards building up its relations with China and other rising powers? Should Russia see Brexit as an opportunity, in that it weakens a sometimes adversarial bloc? Or a risk, in that it could cause economic damage to Russia’s largest trading partner? The event will start at 15:00 . Address: 8, 4th Dobryninsky Pereulok, Moscow Live broadcast


RIAC and the EU Delegation Hold an Urban Breakfast “Brexit — a reminder of what the EU really is about”

... expect only a short-term price increase. The speaker noted that the difficulties of the negotiation process with Brussels resulted from the reluctance of Brussels to weaken the internal market of the European Union. Sergey Kulik analyzed the influence of Brexit on Russia's relations with both the UK and the European Union. Noting the importance of the European vector in Russian foreign policy and the development of an active position on Brexit, the expert examined in detail the main EU priorities in the event of ...


Philip Ingram: Using HUMINT in Cyberspace Is Best to Fight Extremists Online

... suffered terror attacks, and we have operated together on military operations in the Balkans. I have enjoyed working with my Russian counterparts in Kosovo and elsewhere, and underneath the flags and uniforms, we are all the same. I think recognising ... ... is not known, and that is causing various security agencies a real headache. In your assessment, what are the implications of Brexit in terms of security? Before the referendum, former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove said that “the truth about Brexit from ...


Kathy Leach: UK Needs to Look at Wider European Neighborhood

... news, everyone is worried about what is to come for Great Britain in both domestic and foreign dimensions. Kathy Leach, Joint Head at Policy Unit of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, shares her views on the possible foreign policy priorities, challenges Brexit entails and Russia-UK cultural ties. What is your opinion on UK foreign policy priorities for the upcoming years? For the obvious reasons, the most important priority is to negotiate exit from the European Union and create a base for the future relationship with ...


The Mood of Uncertainty in Munich

... in the room; the modalities of Brexit procedure itself was a subject of intense debates between proponents of a “hard Brexit” and supporters of softer approaches to the defecting United Kingdom. The new balance of powers in Syria as well ... ... Ukraine-related discussion did not generate any innovative ideas. Neither had it demonstrated any visible progress on the ground. Russia reconfirmed its previous positions on major international matters clearly indicating that it is in no mood for any concessions ...


EU’s Ability to Adopt a Comprehensive Strategy on Russia is Key to Its Influence on US-Russia Relations

In December 2016, the Dahrendorf Forum convened the Russia-Ukraine and North America Working Groups to discuss the future of the liberal order in the wake of Trump and Brexit. Here, participants share their outlook on the future of US-Russia relations and what the EU can do about it. There are at least three reasons why the Russian leadership should be hopeful about the Trump Presidency and three reasons why it should be concerned about it. Speaking of the positive side, one should ...


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