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The “Russian Card” in the International Game

... and contradictions, but they all come to naught because of a solid edifice of bilateral relations that has been consistently constructed in recent years and which possesses clearly defined strategic benchmarks. As far as Russia’s relations with the European Union are concerned, attempts to force political manipulators to cease and desist have thus far been unsuccessful. In the early 2000s, Russia and Europe built their relations with the common goal of achieving strategic partnership. Over the course ...


Meeting between Putin and Trump — Another Reason for Split within the EU?

There are growing fears inside the European Union that Donald Trump’s pragmatic approach of cooperation with Russia will further strengthen the position of those ... ... few years for the situation to correct itself. Second . The President of the United States did not utter a single word about Ukraine during the meeting (not during the bit we saw, at least). This was another serious blow for the European Union, and for ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... Such issues can make it even more difficult for the respective administrations to reconcile complex issues and disputes. A number of key issues and disputes are already proving difficult to resolve, not even considering the added problem caused by accusations of mutual election interference. These include security concerns and disputes revolving around NATO and European Union enlargement, Russian actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, as well as the nature of the conventional and nuclear arms race that has been escalating at least since the turn of the 21st century. In June 2017, Moscow canceled talks with Washington in protest against the new political and economic sanctions ...


Recent International Processes’ effects on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine

Ukrainian Think Thanks Publications Review Ukrainian Think Thanks Publications Review The political process in the Ukraine has become as hot as the scorching weather the country has been experiencing of late. Discussions about the latest trends ... ... Talks about bringing back the death penalty and strengthening political power will exacerbate relations between Turkey and the European Union, which are not in their best shape as it is, and that will push the country towards political and economic rapprochement ...


Are the Minsk Agreements Doomed?

... managing labour migration. If the conflict remains stable and deescalated there will be more opportunities for diplomacy at various levels, which would permit a resumption of dialogue. De facto dialogue has had to be resumed, notwithstanding the initial refusal of the European Union to have any consultations with Russia on a free trade zone with Ukraine. These include three-way consultations on free trade zone issues and the Minsk agreements. Dialogue also continues at the non-public and unofficial levels. It may take years to fully implement the scenario of a new balance of interests in Ukraine....


Transnistria: Dilemmas of Peaceful Settlement

... significant, if not a priority, policy direction. The Russian leadership cannot afford to ignore the new challenges (the change in Ukraine’s approach to the PMR, expanding cooperation between the European Union and Moldova) and the worsening internal problems in Transnistria and rely on rhetoric about “eternal friendship”,... ... the time. However, even taking into account the loyalty of the Socialists and the supporters of the populist politician Renato Usatii, Moscow should not take a one-dimensional view of the situation. This way, it will avoid the mistakes that were made in ...


Development Scenarios for the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine: A View from Kiev

Predicting how the situation surrounding the conflict in Eastern Ukraine will develop and determining what the architecture of Russia–Ukraine relations moving forward will look like are ... ... making any predictions about how events may unfold, we should first identify the key objectives pursued by Russia, Ukraine, the European Union and the United States in their respective foreign policies (we believe it is necessary to assess the situation ...


Ukraine between West and East

Since the end of the Cold War and disintegration of the Soviet Union, the almost two-year-long Ukraine crisis has grown into a key event affecting global security and international relations. In fact, the situation has been ... ... seem to be possible. The freezing of the East Ukraine conflict will very likely prevent Kiev’s accession to NATO or European Union at least in the near future, because neither organization will admit states that have unsettled territorial disputes ...


Civil Society in Ukraine

Building Peace, Democracy and Regional Stability Building Peace, Democracy and Regional Stability A thorny road to democracy Ukraine has entered a new stage in its long and so far uncompleted democratization process, searching once again for a balanced model of governance and a strong basis on which to carry out the many, much-needed political, economic and civil reforms. Ukraine’s ...


Securing the Euro-Atlantic Community

... Sadly, there are clear signs that this is happening, with Europe now beset by its most serious and deadly crisis in decades. In Ukraine, more than 5,000 people have been killed, over 10,000 more have been wounded, and 1.2 million have been forced from their ... ... transparency across Europe and within existing structures, the Leadership Group should include a representative from the OSCE, the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, and NATO. The Leadership Group’s first priority would be to address the current ...


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