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The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden

... when entering the Strait off the coast of Fujairah. On June 13, this time near the Iranian coast, two more tankers flying the flags of the Marshall Islands and Panama... ... of another exacerbation in U.S.–Iran relations and the United States imposing more sanctions on Tehran. Nobody has claimed responsibility for either of the incidents.... ... could interact effectively. Ivan Timofeev: Tanker Incidents: Who Blinks First? India, China, and Russia could offer their patrolling services, since both India and China...


China’s Energy Policy: Flexible, but Unshakeable

China’s flexible energy policy and the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela In the last few years, China’s energy policy has changed radically owing to both the changed priorities in domestic policy and sharp bifurcations in the international situation. As the growth pace of the national economy slowed ...


Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions

... European Union is increasingly proactive in applying economic sanctions. First, the EU has emerged as one of the largest global ... ... withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear programme. Washington has unilaterally resumed ... ... militarily, the modern world has been multipolar for quite long. China, India, and Russia are strong centres of power in their own ... ... kind. Wilful intent, negligence, involvement of management, refusal to come clean, inadequacy of compliance programmes and other ...


Iran’s Presence in Syria: Is It There for the Long Haul?

Iran does not have sufficient resources to ensure the rebuilding ... ... start of the war, Iran has, according to various sources, sent thousands of soldiers and pieces of military equipment to Syria, as ... ... of Iran’s presence in the combat zones. Ivan Timofeev: U.S. Sanctions against Iran: Background and Possible Consequences The ... ... has no money. Tehran is forced to act with regard to Russia and China’s support, given the unwillingness of European investors ...


RIAC and Fletcher School Work Meeting on «Sanctions against Russia: Escalation Scenarios and Countermeasures»

... meeting with representatives of Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University, USA) focusing on «Sanctions against Russia: Escalation Scenarios and Countermeasures». On May 25,... ... crisis, the issues of the EU-the U.S. relations in connection with the situation around Iran, possible measures and mechanisms for mitigating sanctions, as well as scenarios... ... the development of foreign policy economic instruments in the U.S., EU, Russia, and China. Leading scientists and experts in the area of international relations, world...


What is the Difference between Sanctions against China and Sanctions against Russia?

How likely is the escalation of US sanctions? Pyongyang's testing of nuclear weapons naturally caused debate about a ... ... subjected to US sanctions for their ties with North Korea. The Americans want to force China and Russia to show great energy in pressure on North Korea and consider sanctions... ... company can be faced with a choice: either the American market, or, for example, the Iranian one. Such a game was quite successful against Tehran. At least in the United...


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