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Op-Edge: Why is it almost impossible for Kurds to secede from Iraq?

... infrastructure through which crude is exported via Turkey to global markets. For the USA, it is not satisfied with the Turkish rapprochement with Moscow, and might use the... ... complicating its regional and internal affairs -Despite of being two close allies in NATO. On the other hand, both Moscow and Washington fear the current timing of independence... ... Tehran, especially in terms of the need for their full cooperation in ending the ongoing Syrian conflict. To conclude, even international powers are not in concrete support...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... global war on terrorism? Will the Islamic State movement really be destroyed in Iraq and Syria? Or will it simply drift like a nomad to other regions, into the Russian Caucasus... ... will the entry of the Islamic State into Afghanistan impact the ongoing war between NATO and the Taliban? The U.S. refused to participate in the third round of a conference... ... Taliban, U.S. officials have accused Russia of providing arms to the Taliban, an accusation that has been officially denied by Moscow. Will it be possible to achieve a...


Russian leadership is taking a “wait and see” approach

... Treaty. Second, to work together on dangerous regional problems – such as Afghanistan, North Korea or Libya and, hopefully, Syria as well. Third, to explore ways for collaborating on fighting against international terrorism on the global scale. Each ... ... of them we can take for granted. 2) Russian upcoming military exercise Zapad-2017 is causing concern in the Baltic States and NATO. Do you think Russia is interested in making the exercise transparent and defensive or is it rather going to be a demonstration ...


The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

... and offense against Clinton, with WikiLeaks beginning a series of releases of many thousands of Clinton campaign Chairman Podesta’s e-mails, obtained earlier by Russia;... ... Russian war against the West that is becoming increasingly brazen: until this year, Syria and Ukraine were the most glaring centerpieces in Russia’s disinformation... ... swaying votes in what was an intensely close decision; Russia has also been active in non-NATO Sweden this year, particularly when it was voting on closer ties with NATO; Finland...


EXCLUSIVE: Top Trump Aides’ Deeper & Linked Roles in Putin Agenda Revealed; Russian Mafia Nexus With Trump & Aides Goes Back Years

New threads in the Team Trump/Team Putin tangled web show Manafort and Page linked to each other as part of a Russian plot to control Ukraine and also show a mutual Russian mafia godfather linking them with each other and Trump, providing even deeper and more fertile ground on which to question Trump’s pro-Russia, Pro-Putin positions and their origins. Author's note: this is the most important article I have ever written in my life; please share with as many people as possible as soon...


EU should realise its real friend is Moscow

... interview. Chizhov spoke to EurActiv’s Senior Editor, Georgi Gotev. US-Russia relations are at a very low point over the Syria conflict, the US has suspended the ceasefire talks. Is it because the US and Russia cannot agree on what is Al-Nusra? I ... ... going to oppose any moves towards European defence. Russia is probably in favour of a European army, because this would weaken NATO? You know, it’s not Russia’s policy to weaken anybody, except the terrorists. I believe that this is an issue ...


Trump, Putin, Russia, DNC/Clinton Hack, & WikiLeaks: “There's Something Going on” with Election 2016 & It's Cyberwarfare & Maybe Worse: UPDATED 8/15

... and let it “fight ISIS” there, and agreed with Putin’s backing of Syrian's murderous President Bashar al-Assad. Trump is against the U.S. taking... ... evidence to blame Russia for the downing of MH17. Trump defended Putin against accusations that he was behind the murders of numerous Russian journalists critical of... ... recently, Trump signaled less-than-enthusiastic, vague, and conditional support for NATO and has calling it “obsolete,” while the weakening of NATO is a chief...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... history. As Francis Fukuyama famously noted in “The End of History,” the end of the Cold War marked the end of thousands of years of ideological struggle, and the spread of Western Democratic capitalist ideals all around the world was inevitable ... ... importantly, leadership from the United States. Since then, it has failed to effectively deal with conflict in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria, all within or near its periphery. The situation in Syria has led to refugee and migrant crises unseen in the world or Europe ...


Is the US Afraid of Russia?

... significant weaknesses, primarily in the use of aircraft, intelligence, enemy air defense suppression, coordination, and control of operations. I will not oppose the viewpoint that, theoretically, Russia has the capability to pose a military threat to the USA and other NATO members. But first and foremost, Russia’s actions jeopardize the U.S. political influence. Washington fears that Russian operation in Syria is not a one-time response to the threat posed by the self-proclaimed “Islamic State”, but the beginning of a long-term consolidation of Russian position in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean. Strengthening of Moscow-Damascus,...


A Reality Check on U.S.-Russian Relations: Not Time to Relax, but Not Time to Panic, Either

... Russia, America, and the state of their relationship is the lack of measured and reasoned commentary. Make no mistake, though, the problems between Russia and America are serious and affect a whole host of major issues around the world from wars in Syria and Ukraine to global energy distribution, access, and prices, to space exploration and militarization, just to name a few. Perhaps this is understandable, given the nature of the history of the most serious, dangerous rivalry the world has ever ...


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